Course Offerings

Digital Studies Winter 2015 Courses

Winter 2015

Digital Culture

AMCULT 301.003
Digital Maps and Activism

AMCULT 301.004
Science Fiction and Fantasy on the Internet

COMM 271
Communication Revolutions

COMM 350
The Rise of Mass Culture

COMM 365
Visual Culture & Visual Literacy

COMM 404.003
Internet and Social Movements

COMM 423
Computer Mediated Communication

COMM 425
Internet, Society & the Law

COMM 439
Digital Disruption & the Future of Journalism

COMM 466
Global Digital Politics

Computers & the Internet: A Global History

SAC 368
Virtuality and Digital Identity

SAC 376
New Media Theory

SI 429
Analysis and Design of Online Interaction

WRITING 200.001
New Media for Non-Profits

WRITING 200.002
Composing with Images

WRITING 201.001
The Rhetoric of Memes - Mini Course

WRITING 201.003
The Rhetoric of Blogging - Mini Course