Course Offerings

Digital Studies Winter 2015 Courses

Spring/Summer 2015

SAC 367
Digital Media Theory

The Rhetoric of Blogging - Mini Course

Fall 2015

AMCULT 301.003
Privacy, Politics, and Power

AMCULT 405.001
Digital Bodies: Performance After the Internet

AMCULT 498.004
Race on the Internet

COMM 271
Communication Revolutions

COMM 362
Digital Media Foundations

COMM 365
Visual Culture & Visual Literacy

COMM 424
Race, Gender and New Media

COMM 425
Internet, Society and the Law

COMM 439.002
Digital Disruption & the Future of Journalism

COMM 466
Global Digital Politics

ENGLISH 397.001
Research Methods in the Digital Humanities

Technology & the Humanities


SAC 368
Video Games as Culture/Form

WRITING 200.001
New Media Writing

WRITING 200.002
New Media Writing

WRITING 201.001
New Media Writing-Mini Course

WRITING 201.002
New Media Writing-Mini Course

WRITING 201.003
New Media Writing-Mini Course

WRITING 201.004
New Media Writing-Mini Course