Field Trips

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences sponsors many field trips, some as parts of classes and some as extracurricular learning opportunities. Many Department courses include required field trips as an essential teaching tool. Some examples are

  • EARTH 315 Elements of Mineralogy: 4 days to New Mexico or to Bancroft, Ontario in October. Click on this link for the 2009 field trip web site.
  • EARTH 305 Sedimentary Geology: Three one-day trips in early to mid-Fall, in the Ann Arbor area, to Grand Ledge (Michigan), and Arkona, Ontario.
  • EARTH 311 Geology of Michigan: One half-day field trip to the Fort Wayne, Defiance, and Kalamazoo moraines and related glacial features in Southeast Michigan
  • EARTH 508 Metamorphic Petrology: One trip of 5 to 7 days in early Fall or late Spring to different localities to see hard rocks and to collect suites for projects. Recently to North Carolina, Wisconsin-Minnesota-Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Ontario, Adirondacks, and New York-Vermont-New Hampshire.
  • All the Camp Davis courses include extended field trips that take advantage of the Camp's location near Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Dinosaur National Park, and other sites in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

In addition, Department faculty usually plan a soft rock field trip in May and an international field trip during the summer. These large trips are normally subsidized by the department and are open to faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate concentrators.

Recent Soft Rock Field Trips:

In May 2010, Kacey Lohmann and Nathan Niemi led a field trip to Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California.  See the blog here:

The soft rock field trip for May 2009 went to Texas and New Mexico and to Florida in May 2008.

In May 2007, undergraduate & graduate students and faculty travelled to the Southwest U.S.

Recent International Field Trips:

Kacey Lohmann led a field trip to northern Spain in June 2012. See the blog here:

Ingrid Hendy and Sam Mukasa led a field trip to New Zealand in August-September 2009.  See the blog here:

Sam Mukasa led a field trip to Iceland in the summer of 2007.  Click on this link to see his photos from the trip.

May 2005 Field Trip to Scotland

May 2004 Field Trip to the Pyrenees (Spain)