Fifth-Year MS

University of Michigan students who are currently pursuing an Earth and Environmental Sciences major are eligible for our fifth-year Masters program. Students who are interested in the fifth-year MS are strongly encouraged to discuss their plans with their EARTH undergraduate advisor early in their senior year. The GRE test is not required for students applying to this program.

The requirements for the fifth-year MS are fulfilled mainly through coursework. The specific credit requirements for the fifth-year MS degree are identical to the two-year MS degree and include:

  • Satisfactory completion of 24 credits at the graduate level (includes both course work and research)
  • Satisfactory completion of 22 credits in course work (with a maximum of 4 credits in seminars)
  • Satisfactory completion of 12 credits in EARTH course work
  • Satisfactory completion of 4 credits of graduate-level cognate work; Rackham Graduate School requires a minimum grade of B- for cognate courses
  • Rackham requires a minimum cumulative grade point average of B (3.00 on a 4.00 point scale) for all graduate students.

Students can transfer up to 12 credits of graduate level courses from their U-M undergraduate education. Note that double counting is not allowed. Graduate level courses can be transferred that were not used to satisfy any requirements for the bachelor's degree. Even if a student has credits above the 120 required for graduation, but a course was used to fulfill a specific degree requirement, that course cannot be transferred. The transfer of credit form and transfer of credit guidelines may be found on Rackham's website.

Fifth-Year MS Thesis
Students in the fifth-year MS program complete a capstone experience that synthesizes and causes reflection on their education progress. In many cases, this experience is a publishable scientific paper or a report on a research project. In cases where the student is unable to or uninterested in completing independent research, a “report on a scientific literature review” can fulfill this requirement.

How to Apply
Application information
may be found in the Graduate Program section of the Department's website. Applications must be completed online. Three letters of recommendation are required to be submitted online. However the GRE and TOEFL are waived for 5th year MS applicants.