AB '61 Econ
Chief Global Economist/Strategist
Decision Economics, Inc.

Dr. Allen Sinai is Chief Global Economist/Strategist and President of Decision Economics, Inc. (DE), a U.S. and Global economic and financial markets information and advisory firm located in New York, London and Boston, founded in 1996.  Dr. Sinai is responsible for the forecasts and analyses of the U.S. and Global economies and financial markets and the translating of this information and implications for use in bottom-line decisions by senior level decisionmakers in financial institutions, corporations, and government.  Over many decades, he has advised policymakers in Washington, Japan and globally, the U.S. Congress, and both Republican and Democratic Administrations on the economy, policy, and strategy.


Known for his forecast accuracy and identification of “Big Wave” trends in economic and financial cycles in the U.S. and the world, Dr. Sinai brings a unique blend of academic research, experience working and participating in financial markets and financial institutions, involvement in Washington and other Centers of policy, and business and investment experience to his work.  He is known for his ability to translate the often arcane world of economics, policy, and financial markets to clients and audiences in clear, intuitive, and actionable terms.


Dr. Sinai has taught at a number of universities, including Brandeis, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, New York University, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois-Chicago.  He has published numerous articles in the scientific and lay literature.  His research has emphasized financial and real business cycles and the integration of the financial side of the economy into the analysis and forecasting of real economic activity and financial markets.  He is a pioneer in the use of quantitative structural macroeconometric models using a National Economic and Financial Systems approach to forecasting and analyses of the economy and financial markets.


From 1983-96, Dr. Sinai was at Lehman Brothers, Inc. as a Managing Director, Chief Global Economist, and the Director of Lehman Brothers Global Economics.  He was also Executive Vice President and Chief Economist of The Boston Company, an investment and private banking subsidiary of Lehman Brothers.  Previously, from 1971-83, Dr. Sinai was Chief Financial Economist, Co-Director of the Financial Institutions Group (FIG), and a Senior Vice President at the Lexington, Massachusetts based pioneering firm Data Resources, Inc..  Working with Professor Otto Eckstein, he was a major collaborator and developer of the DRI Model of the U.S. Economy, in particular the forecasting of interest rates, the equity markets and financial system interactions with the real economy.   He was a Board Member of the Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. (BPFH), a national Wealth Management and Private Banking Company from 1992-2014.


Over the years, Dr. Sinai frequently has appeared in U.S. and international television and radio programs and in the news media.  He has given hundreds of speeches, lectures and seminars for organizations and associations, academic, business, financial and other settings in the U.S. and internationally.  He has often testified before the U.S. Congress.  In 1992, Dr. Sinai was selected as one of the ten "Smartest People" in Boston by Boston Magazine.  Time Magazine has said of him, “Anyone who thinks economics is a dismal science has never been treated to the vivid commentaries of Allen Sinai.”


Dr. Sinai obtained a B.A. Degree in Economics at the University of Michigan and holds M.A. and Ph. D. Degrees in Economics from Northwestern University.