Application Information for Honors Concentration in Economics

Application Information for Honors Concentration in Economics

Please submit the following information (typed):

  1. Name, local address, local phone number, student ID, and email address.
  2. An official transcript (not one from Wolverine Access)
  3. A brief description (no more than 200 words) of your reasons for pursuing an honors concentration in economics
  4. A brief description of any previous experience doing original research (work done independently or as part of class, research assistant, or summer intern)
  5. A brief description of your plans post graduation
  6. Graduation term

Submit the completed application (covering #1-6 above) to Undergraduate Student Services Assistant in the Economics Office (243 Lorch Hall) by NOVEMBER 3rd.

Your academic record will be reviewed after your application to the Honors Program is submitted and you will be informed of the decision by November 24th.  By applying to the Honors Program in Economics, you are authorizing this review of your academic record.

As discussed in detail in the web page on writing an honors thesis in Economics, it is strongly recommended that honors students enroll in one of the Economics 495 seminars during the winter term of the junior year.  A separate application for the Economics 495 seminar must be completed, and can be downloaded or obtained from the Economics Office.