Mindy (Greenblatt) Streem

Mindy Streem

(B.S. Biology 2001, B.M.A. Voice Performance 2001, M.S. Rackham Orthodontics)

After her graduation from the University of Michigan, Mindy Streem attended the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and graduated with a D.M.D. in 2005. She then returned to U-M for her residency in orthodontics through the Rackham Graduate School. In 2008, she got her M.S. in orthodontics from Rackham. Since that time, she moved to Solon, Ohio, where she started an orthodontic practice called Streem Orthodontics. She lives in Solon with her husband, Jason, (a 2005 graduate of U-M Dental School and a periodontist), and her son, Sam, who was born in October 2010. She is due with her second child in July 2012. (email)