M. Jahi Chappell

M. Jahi Chappel

(Ph.D. EEB 2009) 
M. Jahi Chappell is the new director of agriculture policy for the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Minneapolis, Minn. IATP is an almost 30-year-old organization advocating for sustainable and just farm, food, and trade policies. “Our goal is to support healthy and environmentally sound agricultural systems that serve food citizens while giving farmers a fair deal premised on the reconnection, respect, and support they deserve,” Chappell said.

“I'll be responsible for shaping and guiding our policy analyses, organizational positions, and projects related to the food and agriculture system within the United States in cooperation with colleagues leading our initiatives in international governance and trade and in food systems. This includes work building the science of agroecology into the mainstream narrative about food and farming systems and their environmental impacts, and projects advocating for the decentralization and democratization of food and farm systems.”

Read more about Chappell on his IATP webpage

He recently presented at the World Food Prize. View the speech in English and in Portuguese