Alumni Directory Archive

Fall 2004

Graham Boorse, Ph.D.

Residential Faculty, Mesa Community College (Email)

Adam Ehmer, M.S.

Ph.D. Student, Stonybrook University

Jill Flachskam, M.S.


Anne Fowler-Edin, M.S.

BART Program Administrator, University of Michigan

Kristin Judd, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University (Email)

Anna Ray, M.S.


Donald Schoolmaster, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, USGS National Wetland Research Center (Email)



Summer 2004

Daniel Griffith, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, World Wildlife Institute

Sabrina Hepburn, M.S.

Ecologist, TRC Environmental

Sharon Lee, M.S.


Stacy Philpott, Ph.D.

Ruth and Alfred Heller Endowed Chair in Agroecology and Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz (Email)

Joshua RestJoshua Rest, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Stonybrook University (Email)

Luis Schiesari, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Sao Paulo


Winter 2004

Miroslav Kummel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Colorado College (Email)

Michael Watson, M.S.



Summer 2003

Salvatore Cerchio, Ph.D.

Conservation Scientist, Wildlife Conservation Society

Daniel De Joode, Ph.D.

Senior Environmental Scientist, Barr Engineering (Email)

Elizabeth DeMattia, Ph.D.

Academic Dean, School for Field Studies

Theresa Friedrich, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Norco College

Antonia Gorog, Ph.D.

Conservation Program Director, Health in Harmony Organization

David Lahti, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, CUNY-Queens College (Email)

Richard Lehtinen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, College of Wooster (Email)

Jennifer Mitchell, M.S.



Gary Paoli, Ph.D.

Director of Business and Research Development, Daemeter Consulting (Email)

Sara Sandstedt, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan


Jongmin Yoon, M.S.

Ph.D. Student, Colorado State University (Email)

Mara Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Washington Dtp. of Fish and Wildlife (Email)


Summer 2002

Shannon Bouton, M.S.

Consultant, McKinsey & Company


Alec Lindsay, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Northern Michigan University

Kevin Helfenbein, Ph.D.

Teacher, Baccalaureate School for Global Education


Chad Hershock, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Biomedware, Inc.


Philip Willink, Ph.D.

Assistant Collections Manager of Fishes, Field Museum

William Whitlow, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Seattle University


Tamaki Yuri, Ph.D.

Ornithology Collections Manager, Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, University of Oklahoma 

Kerry Yurewicz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Plymouth State University




Victoria Allison, Ph.D.

Director, Minster of Agriculture, Biosecurity New Zealand, New Zealand Government

Jennifer Ast, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Uppsala University


Christopher Baraloto, Ph.D.

Research Fellow/Assistant Professor, INRA-Kouru/University of Florida

Thomas Bridgeman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Toledo


Deborah Ciszeck, Ph.D.

Managing Editor, Journal of Systematic Biology (Email)

Guillermo D'Elia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Universidad de la Republica Uruguay

Bruce Ferguson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, ECOSUR


Daniel Graf, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Alabama (Email)

Christopher O'Neal, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Teaching, Learning & Technology Center - University of California

Anna Bess Sorin, Ph.D.

Instructor, Coordinator, University of Memphis (Email)

John Sparks, Ph.D.

Associate Curator of Icthyology, American Museum of Natural History

David Taylor, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Northwestern University (Email)



Ricardo Carvajal, M.S.


Derek Dimcheff, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, NIH Rocky Mountain Laboratories (Email)

Karen Glennmeier, Ph.D.


Dunrie Greiling, Ph.D.


Laurel L. Hester, Ph.D.

Assistant Director BioG 103-10, Cornell University (Email)

Heather Heying, Ph.D.

Member of Faculty, Evergreen State College (Email)

David Marshall, Ph.D.


Scott Peacor, Ph.D.


Tara Rajaniemi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (Email)




Ben Salisbury, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Wright State University

Sheila Schueller, M.S.

Assistant Director, University of Michigan - Ecosystem Management Initiative (Email)