Adam Kuester

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Adam Kuester

Postdoctoral Fellow

Office Location(s): 2059 Kraus Natural Science Building

  • Fields of Study
    • Plant evolutionary genetics, population genetics, insect-plant interactions, plant resistance evolution
  • About

    Research Areas of Interest

    My research interests are in evolution of plant defenses, insect-plant interactions, as well as population genetics of insect and plant species. My thesis work focused on wild cotton species (genus Gossypium) and their associated cotton boll weevils (Anthonomus grandis). One aim of my PhD work was to identify the evolutionary mechanisms responsible for among-population variation in phytochemical defense against insect herbivores. Of special interest, Gossypium davidsonii, a Sonoran Desert endemic, exhibits more than 10-fold variation in leaf and seed concentrations of the terpenoid gossypol, a key defense compound in cottons. I also investigated the extent to which the population genetic structures of associated wild cottons and boll weevils were congruent, and phylogenetic relationships among varieties of boll weevil attacking both Mexican wild cotton and cotton cultivars, of which boll weevils are a significant pest. I am currently employed through a USDA-funded project investigating glyphosate (RoundUp) tolerance  and population genetics of a weedy morning glory species, the common morning glory (Ipomoea purpurea). We are currently investigating the effects of mating system and gene flow on evolution of herbicide tolerance within the species.

    Academic Background 

    Ph.D., Genetics, Iowa State University


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