Collections Staff

  • Janet Hinshaw

    Janet Hinshaw

    Bird Division Collection Manager 3028 Museums

    734.764.0457 /

  • Taehwan Lee

    Taehwan Lee

    Mollusk Division Collection Coordinator and Assistant Research Scientist Museum of Zoology

    Molecular evolution and systematics of invertebrates with special emphasis on mollusks734.764.2398 /

  • Douglas Nelson

    Douglas Nelson

    Collections Manager 1043 Museums

    734.647.2192 /

  • Mark F. O'Brien

    Mark F. O'Brien

    Insect Division Collection Manager 2053 Ruthven Museums

    734.647.2199 /

  • Richard Rabeler

    Richard K. Rabeler

    Associate Research Scientist

    Systematics and distribution of Caryophyllaceae; North American floristics734.764.2407 /

  • Patricia Rogers

    Patricia Rogers

    Collection Manager University of Michigan Herbarium
    3600 Varsity Drive

    734.936.8028 /

  • Greg Schneider

    Greg Schneider

    Reptiles and Amphibians Division Collection Manager 2032 Museums

    Reptiles and amphibians734.647.1927 /

  • Cody Thompson

    Cody Thompson

    Assistant Research Scientist
    Mammal Division Collection Manager
    3044 Museums

    Evolutionary patterns and processes of mammalian diversity734.615.2810 /

  • Beverly Walters

    Collections Manager University of Michigan Herbarium
    3600 Varsity Drive

    734.615.6404 /