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  • mcammer profile photo

    Marcus Ammerlaan

    Hiroshi Ikuma Collegiate Lecturer 4138H Undergraduate Science Bldg.

    734.764.4431 / mcammer@umich.edu

  • Associate Professor

    Catherine Badgley

    Associate Professor 3030 / 3038 Ruthven Museums

    Paleoecology, biogeography, agriculture734.763.6448 / cbadgley@umich.edu

  • Regina Baucom

    Regina Baucom

    Assistant Professor 2059 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Plant evolution and ecological genomics, agriculture734.647.8490 / rsbaucom@umich.edu

  • Michigan Fellow, Assistant Professor

    Lydia Beaudrot

    Michigan Fellow
    Assistant Professor
    2039 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Tropical vertebrate ecology and conservation, community ecology, macroecology734.615.9808 / beaudrot@umich.edu

  • Thore Bergman

    Thore Bergman

    Associate Professor 4054 East Hall

    Social behavior, vocal communication and sexual selection734.615.3744 / thore@umich.edu

  • berry

    Paul Berry

    Curator, U-M Herbarium
    Associate Chair for Museum Collections
    2037/2035 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Plant systematics, phytogeography, and floristics734.647.3689 / peberry@umich.edu

  • Joel D. Blum

    Joel D. Blum

    Professor 4009 C.C. Little

    Geochemical controls on ecosystems, trace element and isotope geochemistry734.615.3242 / jdblum@umich.edu

  • Robyn Burnham

    Robyn Burnham

    Associate Professor 1023/1047 Ruthven Museums Building

    Tropical plant ecology and systematics(734) 647-2585 / rburnham@umich.edu

  • Bradley Cardinale

    Bradley Cardinale

    Associate Professor 1068 Dana Building

    Community and ecosystems ecology, freshwater ecology734.764.9689 / bradcard@umich.edu

  • Lynn Carpenter

    Lynn Carpenter

    Lecturer / Advisor 1111B Kraus Natural Science Building

    Phylogeography and ancient DNA734.936.2828 / landersn@umich.edu

  • Liliana Cortes Ortiz

    Liliana Cortés Ortiz

    Research Associate Professor 1053 Ruthven Museums Building

    Primate evolution, phylogenetics and speciation734.615.9950 / lcortes@umich.edu

  • Ben Dantzer

    Ben Dantzer

    Assistant Professor 4063 East Hall

    Animal behavior, evolutionary ecology, physiological ecology734.615.2352 / dantzer@umich.edu

  • Alison Davis Rabosky

    Alison Davis Rabosky

    Assistant Research Scientist
    Senior Herpetologist, Museum of Zoology
    1089 Ruthven Museums Building

    Evolution of behavior, evolutionary genomics, character evolution and phylogenetics, herpetology734.763.8694 / ardr@umich.edu

  • Vincent Denef

    Vincent Denef

    Assistant Professor 1141/1027 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Freshwater microbial evolutionary ecology, community and population genomics734.764.6481
    Lab Phone: 734.936.5777 / vdenef@umich.edu

  • Robert Denver

    Robert Denver

    Professor 3065C / 3071 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Evolutionary developmental biology and physiology734.936.6625
    Lab Phone: 734.647.2604 / rdenver@umich.edu

  • Gregory Dick

    Gregory Dick

    Associate Professor 2014 / 2534 CC Little Building

    Geomicrobiology, marine microbiology, and microbial community genomics734.763.3228 / gdick@umich.edu

  • Christopher Dick

    Christopher Dick

    Associate Professor
    Associate Curator and Associate Chair for Museum Collections, U-M Herbarium
    Director, E.S. George Reserve
    2011 / 2010 / 2009 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Tropical biodiversity, molecular ecology, plant evolution734.764.9408
    Lab Phone: 734.936.4723 / cwdick@umich.edu

  • Thomas Duda Jr.

    Thomas Duda

    Associate Professor
    Director, Frontiers Master's Program
    1031 Museums Building

    Evolutionary biology of molluscs734.764.2358 / tfduda@umich.edu

  • Associate Professor

    Meghan Duffy

    Associate Professor 1039/1038/1042 Ruthven Museums Building

    Evolutionary ecology, disease ecology, host-parasite interactions, freshwater ecology734.763.3658 / duffymeg@umich.edu

  • Melissa Duhaime

    Melissa Beth Duhaime

    Assistant Research Scientist 1137 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Marine virus community genomics and model system studies; interaction of microbes and plastics in the ocean734.764.6219 / duhaimem@umich.edu

  • Paul Dunlap

    Paul Dunlap

    Professor 1015 / 1009 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Evolutionary ecology of vertebrate-microbe mutualisms734.615.9099
    Lab Phone: 734.615.9804 / pvdunlap@umich.edu

  • Laura Eidietis

    Laura Eidietis

    Lecturer IV 4138F Undergraduate Science Bldg.

    734.763.4286 / leidieti@umich.edu

  • Daniel Fisher

    Daniel Fisher

    Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Claude W. Hibbard Collegiate Professor of Paleontology
    Curator and Director, Museum of Paleontology
    1535 Museums Building

    Paleobiology, Pleistocene extinctions734.764.0488 / dcfisher@umich.edu

  • Deborah Goldberg

    Deborah Goldberg

    Elzada U. Clover Collegiate Professor
    Associate Chair for Research and Facilities
    2003 / 1056 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Community ecology and plant ecology734.763.1732 / degold@umich.edu

  • Assistant Professor beginning September 2015

    Nyeema Harris

    Assistant Professor 3048 Ruthven Museums Building

    Conservation biology, wildlife ecology, biogeography, community ecology, population ecology, host-parasite interactions, global change biologynyeema@umich.edu

  • Mark Hunter

    Mark Hunter

    Henry A. Gleason Collegiate Professor 2053 / 2082 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Population ecology, chemical ecology, population/ecosystem interactions734.647.3691 / mdhunter@umich.edu

  • Ines Ibanez

    Inés Ibáñez

    Associate Professor 2546 Dana Building

    Plant community ecology, climate change and invasive species734.615.8817
    Lab Phone: 734.764.2550 / iibanez@umich.edu

  • Timothy James

    Timothy James

    Associate Professor
    Associate Curator of Fungi
    Lewis E. Wehmeyer and Elaine Prince Wehmeyer Professor in the Taxonomy of Fungi
    1147/1008 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Evolution of fungi, mating systems, phylogenetics734.615.7753
    Lab Phone: 734.763.8161 / tyjames@umich.edu

  • Aaron King

    Aaron King

    Associate Professor 2051 / 2056 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Theoretical ecology, epidemiology, population dynamics734.936.7861 / kingaa@umich.edu

  • George Kling

    George Kling

    Robert G. Wetzel Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 1041 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Ecosystem ecology and aquatic biogeochemistry734.647.0894
    Lab Phone: 734.647.0898 / gwk@umich.edu

  • Lacey Knowles

    L. Lacey Knowles

    Robert B. Payne Collegiate Professor
    Curator, Museum of Zoology
    2085 Museums Building

    Speciation, phylogeography, evolutionary radiations734.763.5603
    Lab Phone: 734.763.7943 / knowlesl@umich.edu

  • Alex Kondrashov

    Alex Kondrashov

    Andrei R. Skovoroda Collegiate Professor
    Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    1145 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Evolutionary processes734.615.0493 / kondrash@umich.edu

  • Jo Kurdziel

    Jo Kurdziel

    Assistant Research Scientist
    Beverly Rathcke Collegiate Lecturer
    1139 Kraus Natural Science Building

    734.763.3684 / josephak@umich.edu

  • John Lehman

    John Lehman

    Professor 1053 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Limnology, aquatic science, nutrient and trophic dynamics734.763.4680
    Lab Phone: 734.647.2465 / jtlehman@umich.edu

  • Knute Nadelhoffer

    Knute Nadelhoffer

    Director of the Biological Station
    1029 / 1050 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Ecosystem ecology, terrestrial biogeochemistry and global change734.763.4461 / knute@umich.edu

  • Ronald Nussbaum

    Ronald Nussbaum

    Professor and Curator 2019 Museums Building

    Systematics, evolution, and ecology of amphibians and reptiles734.647.2201
    Lab Phone: 734.764.0466 / nuss@umich.edu

  • Diarmaid Ó Foighil

    Diarmaid Ó Foighil

    Curator, Museum of Zoology
    Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    1025 / 1082 Museums Building

    Invertebrate evolution and systematics, malacology734.647.2193
    Lab Phone: 734.764.6914 / diarmaid@umich.edu

  • Barry OConnor

    Barry OConnor

    Professor and Curator
    Interim Associate Chair for Museum Collections (fall 2014)
    2043 Museums Building

    Systematics, parasitology and acarology734.763.4354 / bmoc@umich.edu

  • Laura Olsen

    Laura Olsen

    Director of the Program in Biology
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of MCDB
    Professor of EEB
    4103C Kraus Natural Science Building

    Plant cell biology734.763.0976
    Lab Phone: 734.647.3970 / ljo@umich.edu

  • Associate Professor

    Annette Ostling

    Associate Professor 2005 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Community ecology and theoretical ecology734.936.2898
    Lab Phone: 734.615.4194 / aostling@umich.edu

  • Yin-Long Qiu

    Yin-Long Qiu

    Associate Professor
    Associate Curator, U-M Herbarium
    2052 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Plant evolution734.764.8279 / ylqiu@umich.edu

  • rabosky_d

    Daniel Rabosky

    Assistant Professor
    Assistant Curator, Museum of Zoology
    2037 Ruthven Museums Building

    Macroevolution, speciation, herpetology, phylogenetic comparative methods, evolutionary ecology510.610.9082 / drabosky@umich.edu

  • Shai Revzen

    Shai Revzen

    Assistant Professor 4225 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building

    Bio-inspired control, dynamical systems, biomechanics, legged locomotion, modular robotics734.763.3561 / shrevzen@umich.edu

  • Professor

    Tom Schmidt

    Professor 1520C Medical Science Research Building

    Patterns of diversity, metabolic tradeoffs and interactions in the microbial world734.763.8206 / schmidti@umich.edu

  • Stephen A. Smith

    Stephen A. Smith

    Assistant Professor 2071A Kraus Natural Science Building

    Phylogenetics, computational evolutionary biology, biogeography, phyloinformatics734.764.7923 / eebsmith@umich.edu

  • Cody Thompson

    Cody Thompson

    Assistant Research Scientist
    Mammal Division Collection Manager
    3044 Ruthven Museums Building

    Evolutionary patterns and processes of mammalian diversity734.615.2810 / cwthomp@umich.edu

  • Elizabeth Tibbetts

    Elizabeth Tibbetts

    Associate Professor 2003 / 2063 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Behavioral evolution, organismal biology and evolutionary processes734.763.3564 / tibbetts@umich.edu

  • Priscilla Tucker

    Priscilla Tucker

    Professor and Curator
    Associate Chair for Museum Collections, UMMZ
    3036 Museums Building

    Molecular evolution and systematics of mammals and speciation734.647.2207
    Lab Phone: 734.763.4546 / ptuck@umich.edu

  • John Vandermeer

    John Vandermeer

    Asa Gray Distinguished University Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
    2079 / 2081 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Theoretical ecology, agroecology, tropical ecology734.764.1446 / jvander@umich.edu

  • Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson

    Professor of Epidemiology M5507 SPH II, 1415 Washington Heights

    Ecology of infectious diseases734.936.0152 / wilsonml@umich.edu

  • Ben Winger

    Ben Winger

    Michigan Fellow
    Assistant Professor
    Assistant Curator, Museum of Zoology
    3013 Ruthven Museums Building

    Evolution of geographic range, speciation, genomics, ornithology, seasonal migrationwingerb@umich.edu

  • faculty image: wittkopp

    Patricia Wittkopp

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
    Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
    1059 Nat Sci
    Lab: 1061 Nat Sci 734.647.5483

    Evolutionary genetics and genomics, and evolution of development734.763.1548 / wittkopp@umich.edu

  • Chelsea Wood, Michigan Fellow and assistant professor

    Chelsea Wood

    Assistant Professor
    Michigan Fellow
    1076 Ruthven Museums

    Ecology of parasites and pathogens734.764.7797 / chelwood@umich.edu

  • Donald Zak

    Donald Zak

    Burton V. Barnes Collegiate Professor 2540 Dana Building

    Microbial ecology and ecosystem ecology734.763.4991 / drzak@umich.edu

  • Jianzhi Zhang

    Jianzhi Zhang

    Marshall W. Nirenberg Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 1075 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Molecular and genomic evolution734.763.0527 / jianzhi@umich.edu