Research Scientists

  • Christiane Anderson

    Christiane Anderson

    Research Scientist

    Plant taxonomy (Malpighiaceae) and floristics734.647.2812 /

  • Joseph Coolon

    Joseph Coolon

    Assistant Research Scientist 1061 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Evolutionary genetics and genomics, ecological genomics734.647.5483 /

  • Liliana Cortes Ortiz

    Liliana Cort├ęs Ortiz

    Research Associate Professor 138 Museums Annex;1109 North University

    Primate evolution, phylogenetics and speciation734.615.9950 /

  • Alison Davis Rabosky

    Alison Davis Rabosky

    Assistant Research Scientist
    Senior Herpetologist, Museum of Zoology
    1089 Ruthven Museums Building, 1109 Geddes Ave

    Evolution of behavior, evolutionary genomics, character evolution and phylogenetics, herpetology734.763.8694 /

  • Melissa Duhaime

    Melissa Beth Duhaime

    Assistant Research Scientist 2037 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Marine virus community genomics and model system studies; interaction of microbes and plastics in the ocean734.763.5612 /

  • Pavel Klimov

    Pavel Klimov

    Assistant Research Scientist 2041 Museums Building

    Molecular phylogentics, host-parsite relationships, coevolution, systematics of mites734.763.4354 /

  • Fred Kraus

    Fred Kraus

    Research Scientist

    734.647.1927 /

  • Taehwan Lee

    Taehwan Lee

    Mollusk Division Collection Coordinator and Assistant Research Scientist Museum of Zoology

    Molecular evolution and systematics of invertebrates with special emphasis on mollusks734.764.2398 /

  • Luke Nave

    Luke Nave

    Assistant Research Scientist

    Forest carbon and nitrogen cycling231.539.8742 /

  • Mike Penskar

    Mike Penskar

    Research Investigator

    Michigan Natural Features Inventory734.936.0656 /

  • Richard Rabeler

    Richard K. Rabeler

    Associate Research Scientist

    Systematics and distribution of Caryophyllaceae; North American floristics734.764.2407 /

  • Anton Reznicek

    Anton Reznicek

    Research Scientist
    Curator of Vascular Plants

    Systematics, evolution and biogeography of flowering plants734.764.5544 /

  • Manojit Roy

    Manojit Roy

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Research Scientist

    Theoretical ecology and epidemiology, human and wildlife diseases in an ecological context734.764.7951 /

  • Cody Thompson

    Cody Thompson

    Assistant Research Scientist
    Mammal Division Collection Manager
    3044 Museums

    Evolutionary patterns and processes of mammalian diversity734.615.2810 /

  • Florence Wagner

    Florence Wagner

    Research Scientist

    Pteridology; fern flora of Hawaii734.649.6641 /