Jonathan Brack

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Graduate Student Research Fellow, Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies
Ph.D. Candidate, History

  • About

    Jonathan Brack is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of History at the University of Michigan studying medieval and early modern Islamic history and the Mongol Empire. He is interested in the intersection of sovereignly ideologies, conversion narratives, and messianism. His dissertation, based on a range of sources in Persian, Arabic, and Ottoman Turkish, examines how Mongol inter-dynastic struggles in Iran led to the codification of new political vocabularies, in particular, the rise of the notion of the reformer king, that contributed to the formation of early modern paradigms of absolutist and universal sovereignty.  

    During his fellowship term, Jonathan will be participating in a conference and summer school in Jerusalem on new directions in the study of the Mongol Empire and working at the ERC project, Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia. Additionally, he will be traveling to Istanbul to examine manuscripts related to his research.  

  • Education
    • BA, Middle Eastern Studies & History, Hebrew University, 2007
    • MA, Middle Eastern Studies, Hebrew University, 2009