The mission of the English Language Institute Instructional Division is:

  • to provide English language instruction to members of the University of Michigan community that promotes effective academic, professional, and intercultural communication within and across disciplines at the University of Michigan.
  • to offer credit bearing courses and support services in English for Academic Purposes in order to teach graduate students the language they need to become fully participating members of the academic community. 
  • to work in collaboration with other units throughout the university in support of the university's vision of an internationalized academic community.
  • to  educate students in pedagogical discourse and intercultural skills for teaching at the University of Michigan, in the community and abroad.

- September, 2013

Teaching +

During the past 65 years, as perspectives on language learning and language teaching have changed significantly, the ELI's approach to teaching has been transformed. Having phased out its intensive course for non-university students in 1987, the ELI is now an independent unit offering credit-bearing courses within the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Today the ELI offers a variety of courses in English for Academic Purposes for nonnative speakers of English enrolled at, and visiting, the University of Michigan. The courses are designed to enable students to enhance their linguistic and communicative skills in order to become effective, fully participating, members of the academic community both during their time on campus and beyond.

Over 30 credit bearing courses comprise our curriculum in the fall and winter semesters, including advanced electives and discipline-specific courses. There are, on average, 800 students enrolled and participating in our clinics in our fall and winter semesters. ELI courses are taken concurrently with other courses.

In addition, the ELI features a number of special instructional programs. These include courses and workshops for prospective and current graduate student instructors (GSIs), visiting scholar classes, and three full-time summer intensive programs: English for Academic Purposes, English for Business Studies, and English for Legal Studies. Other special services include an ESL Speaking ClinicESL Writing Clinics, and ELI Conversation Circles Program.

The ELI also offers ESL teacher education courses.

International Outreach +

Another important area of activity that ELI faculty and staff engage in is international outreach. We have provided consultancy services, guest faculty teaching, guest lectures, conference presentations and workshops around the world.