The ELI offers a wide range of English for Academic Purposes credit-bearing courses for international graduate students, prospective GSIs, and Visiting Scholars. The ELI also offers teacher education and service learning courses to explore communicative teaching practices for ESL in international settings and in our community. Many of the courses are offered both semesters. For assistance in choosing an appropriate course, you may make an appointment with ELI Advising or e-mail For the most  recent and accurate information about a given class, please visit the ELI section of the LS&A Course Guide.

Academic Pronunciation Courses

For all pronunciation courses, small group tutorials are offered on specific topics of English sound and stress systems, and students in courses will be encouraged to sign up for these supplemental sessions.

ELI 336: Pronunciation I 

ELI 337: Pronunciation II 

ELI 338: Pronunciation in Context

GSI Courses

These courses are for students who are potential GSI candidates within their departments.

ELI 338.001: Pronunciation in Context: GSI-Specific Section

ELI 380: Introduction to GSI Work 

ELI 381: GSI Communication Skills 

ELI 584: GSI Seminar and Practicum 

ELI 994: College Teaching at the UM: Language, Culture and Pedagogy