ELI 320: Writing for Academic Purposes I

Fall & Winter Semesters (1 credit)

Learn and practice the organizational patterns and strategies required when writing a cohesive and coherent academic paper. Write short papers over the semester, each highlighting one key element of a longer academic paper: e.g., introductions, extended definitions, process descriptions, and data analyses and commentaries. In-class activities include:

  • Discussion and practice on how to better position yourself in your paper
  • Considerations for different audiences & writing purposes and understanding how these can impact style, flow, and presentation
  • Analysis of different text-types and how these are related to specific disciplines

Revision of these written assignments is required based on the instructor’s highlights, tips, and questions. Through the revision process, you will develop an understanding of how to write and edit your own papers more critically as you continue to receive feedback on your strengths, and better understand when revisions are often needed.