ELI 390: Community Service and Language, Education, and Culture (Spring/Summer)

Service-Learning in ESL Teaching Contexts. Migrant Workers Outreach

Spring and Summer (3 credits)   

  • Spring:  This course is designed to introduce learners to the language, educational, health and legal issues of the migrant farming communities in Lenawee County through academic reading, reflection and discussion. (ELI 390/Ling 386/EDU 390/RCSSCI 390 spring semester may be taken independently of summer semester)
  • Summer:  This course includes teaching ESL to migrant farmworkers and their families in Lenawee County.  (ELI 390/Ling 386/EDU 390/RCSSCI 390 spring semester is a PREREQUISITE)

View the current flyer for Spring/Summer session of ELI 390/ LING 386/EDU 390/RCSSCI 390 Migrant Farmworkers Outreach Course.