ELI 390: Community Service and Language, Education, & Culture

Service-Learning in ESL Teaching Contexts

This course prepares undergraduates to teach ESL in local communities and provides them with hands-on teaching practice experiences in local service organizations. Participants explore the overall theme of “Language and Community" through building knowledge and awareness of ESL teaching methods & techniques. The course emphasizes communicative language teaching and language learning issues in community contexts. This service-learning approach enables participants to prepare for and reflect on their practice teaching in a local ESL classroom or tutoring program. 

ELI 390 is offered in two versions:

Fall and Winter: In the academic year, this course introduces the overall theme of “Language and Community" and the principles of communicative language teaching (ESL teaching methods & techniques). Participants then put these principles into practice in local ESL classrooms or tutoring programs in the Ann Arbor area as they develop a reflective teaching practice. Participants also develop critical thinking skills as they synthesize academic readings with practical experience. 

View the current flyer for the Fall/Winter session of ELI 390.

Spring and Summer: Migrant Farmworkers Outreach: In the spring and summer, participants in this course apply the principles of service learning and community-based education to developing ESL lessons for members of the migrant farming communities of Lenawee County.

Spring: The spring section of this course introduces learners to the language, educational, health and legal issues of the migrant farming communities in Lenawee County through academic reading, reflection and discussion. (The spring section of ELI 390 may be taken independently of summer semester)

Summer: In the summer section of this course, participants teach ESL to migrant farmworkers and their families in Lenawee County. 
(NOTE: ELI 390 in spring semester is a PREREQUISITE for the summer section)

View the current flyer for Spring/Summer session of ELI 390 Migrant Farmworkers Outreach Course.

(3 credits)