ELI 391/ELI 591: Topics in ESL

Fundamentals in Teaching English as a Second Language Internationally 
Winter & Spring Semesters (3 credits)

This course is designed to cover the basics of classroom methodologies and practices for students who intend to go abroad and teach English as a Second/Foreign Language. Classroom discussions will include a focus on language learning and teaching issues. Activities include determining appropriate materials and resources for an engaging and interactive communicative classroom, and ideas for developing these materials in ways appropriate for various cultural contexts. Course work includes:

  • Reading assignments
  • Reflective discussions on adaptation of ideas into language lessons
  • Lesson development
  • Mini-presentations of lessons with peer and instructor feedback
  • Foreign language classroom observations and reflections
  • Final Lesson plan and project

ELI 591 (for Master’s Level Students) includes an additional research paper on a situated classroom topic, and needs instructor permission for admission to course.

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