ELI 621: Dissertation Writing and Writing for Publication II

Fall Semester (2 credits)

Permission of Instructor Required. For PhD students who are engaged in a major writing project as a part of their program. This course is a continuation of ELI 620 but ELI 620 is NOT a prerequisite of ELI 621.

The focus of this course is on the academic genres that PhD students are expected to produce which, depending on student interest, may include:

  • Papers for publication (abstracts, introductions, and discussions)
  • Book reviews
  • Dissertation proposals
  • Dissertation acknowledgements
  • Texts needed for the job market

Develop the skills needed to handle complex writing tasks such as creating a research space, imposing order on previous work, maintaining a clear and consistent argument, writing to different audiences as well as negotiating knowledge claims. Integral to the course are regular one-on-one consultations with the instructor.