GSI Program

The GSI Instructional Program offers a diverse range of resources individually tailored to GSI needs and goals. The program includes courses, workshops, consulting services, clinics, tutoring, teaching observations, a conversation program, and non-traditional alternatives when appropriate.  Ongoing collaboration with the UM Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) and the Language Resource Center (LRC) provide graduate students with a phenomenal instructional program for professional development.

To make an advising appointment on improving oral English for GSI work, or for further information about the LSA-GSI ELI 994 courses, contact ELI GSI Training Programs Coordinator Brenda Prouser Imber,, 312.806.0082.

GSI Instructional Program Mission Statement

The ELI has a responsibility to foster a learning environment where graduate students participate in the varied and various instructional roles available...

GSI Courses

ELI Courses useful to GSIs.

ELI 994 (LSA ELI CRLT GSI Course, Summer and Winter Programs)

For graduate students from non-English-medium undergraduate universities who expect to assume graduate instructor duties in LSA departments in the next academic year.

GSI Speaking Clinic

Individual and small group consultations to enhance speaking skills for GSI work.

ELI Conversation Circles

A program for weekly small group conversation led by fluent English speakers.

GSI Oral English Test

The University of Michigan uses the Graduate Student Instructor Oral English Test (GSI OET), a procedure administered by Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments, for testing the spoken English of prospective graduate student instructors whose undergraduate education was not at an institution in which the language of instruction is exclusively English. To read more about the GSI OET click here.