ELI 994

Graduate students from non-English-medium undergraduate universities who expect to assume graduate instructor duties in LSA departments in the next academic year must attend a special graduate student instructor training course. The courses are developed and conducted jointly by the University's English Language Institute (ELI) and the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT).

What to Expect as a Summer 994 Student +

This fun and intensive course is designed for graduate students new to the University of Michigan, whose undergraduate education was not primarily in English, and who are nominated for teaching positions in LSA, the College of Literature, Science & the Arts, their first year.


Feel free to send questions anytime about what will happen during the course itself to Course Coordinator Pamela Bogart (pbogart@umich.edu), or telephone (734) 615-9549 at the English Language Institute.

Before the course

University of Michigan students will offer an optional campus tour that will leave from the steps of the Michigan Union (corner of South State and South University streets) on the Tuesday afternoon before the Wednesday when the course officially begins. This tour will include all the classroom buildings where the Summer GSI Course will meet, plus lots of other useful destinations on Central Campus.

When the course starts

Our first day will start promptly at 9:00am on the first Wednesday morning of the course, in a room to be announced (TBA) on Central Campus. We will offer an orientation to the course and a chance to begin to get to know each other. Please be sure to eat breakfast before attending this event, or feel free to bring food with you. After a break for lunch, everyone in the course will join the International Center for University orientation and then for most students required check-in, in a central campus location to be announced (TBA).

Interpreting the course schedule

After our first session, all others will begin at 10 minutes after the scheduled time, to provide time to move between sessions. This is called "Michigan Time," and is how UM classes are officially scheduled.
You will see several different kinds of sessions on the schedule:

  1. Individual meetings.  At the start of the course, ELI language instructors will meet with each of you individually to learn what you'd like to get out of the course, to get to know you a bit more, and to address any questions or concerns you may have.
  2. Practice Teaching (PT).  Five times, you'll have the opportunity to teach real undergraduate students who are hired to be your students during this course. Each time, we'll offer you a videotape of your performance, and after PT 1, 2 and 4, an instructor will meet with you to give you a chance to reflect together on your language and teaching.
  3. Language and pedagogy instructional sessions.  Language sessions are designed to help you enhance your English language skills for specific teaching contexts. Pedagogy sessions are designed to help you enhance your range of tools for achieving learning goals in the University of Michigan LSA undergraduate context. These two kinds of sessions lead into the Practice Teaching sessions, where you can try out what you're learning on "real" students.
  4. Optional sessions.  Most optional sessions are for pronunciation work, but there may also be optional sessions on grammar and language for specific purposes, like language for working with powerpoint slides. Blocks of time when optional sessions are offered are listed on the detailed schedule.


The most current syllabus is available on the CTools site for the course, under the "ELI 994" tab

Where the course will take place

We will be in buildings on central campus, with occasional events at CRLT in Palmer Commons or at ELI at 555 South Forest Street. We hope to offer rooms with wireless internet access for those of you who have a laptop or other wireless device.


Meals are not provided by the course. When you see "lunch break," it means that there are no course activities, and there is time to slip away for lunch. (See "Extracurricular Program" below.)

Extracurricular Program

Our optional Extracurricular Program offers a variety of activities including shopping trips, informal sports events, movies and lunchtime English conversation gatherings. Most events are free. Come meet us on the campus tour on Tuesday afternoon before the start of the course, on the steps of the Michigan Union!  The exact time of the tour will be posted on the CTools site for ELI 994 during the summer.

Helpful Information about Ann Arbor and the UM Campus +



University housing for participants will be provided by U-M, at a location to be announced.

Questions about housing? Contact Bill Vlisides, vlisides@umich.edu 

University Health Services (UHS) Information

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