Speaking Clinics

The ELI Speaking Clinic serves members of the UM academic community (students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars) who want to improve their spoken English pronunciation, fluency, and accuracy. It provides a flexible framework for learners to address their spoken English goals in individual or small group settings.

Beyond enhancing your pronunciation, you can also contact the Speaking Clinic as a short term resource for help if you would like to increase the accuracy of your professional vocabulary, enhance your readiness for a presentation, augment your voice projection, or understand and repair communication breakdowns in particular contexts.

The ELI Speaking Clinic

 The ELI Speaking Clinic is designed to provide short-term coaching on specific English speaking goals. For this reason, participation in the clinic can not replace ELI courses. No academic credit is awarded for  Speaking Clinic participation.

Important:  When you submit your online registration, you will be given a link to a CTools site where you can select a date and time for your first session.  You must follow this link to complete your registration.

Students who have completed ELI speaking courses or who are referred by an ELI faculty member will have scheduling priority. The number of visits typically ranges from 1 to 5 sessions in a semester, depending on a participant’s goals and the demand for and availability of slots.

Available Fall, Winter and Spring terms.

For information on the special GSI Speaking Clinic, please see below.  If you have questions, contact ELISpeakingClinic@umich.edu.

Special Speaking Clinic for Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs)

We provide speaking skills coaching to Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) who need to improve their pronunciation and academic speaking skills. Students are referred by ELI faculty following the Oral English Test (OET) or GSI courses. Students are also referred by their departments and GSI colleagues. No academic credit is awarded for  Speaking Clinic participation.

Important: This clinic is available only to prospective and current GSIs.

Available Fall and Winter terms only.

You can expect an email response from a GSI Speaking Clinic instructor within one week.

For questions, contact GSISpeakingClinic@umich.edu at any time.

For more information

For more information, please contact ELISpeakingClinic@umich.edu.