Visiting Scholar Resources

The Visiting Scholars Program includes courses designed especially to meet the needs of international visiting scholars across disciplines who are engaged in academic research at the University of Michigan.

The English Language Institute (ELI) recognizes that visiting scholars are valued members of the academic community who sometimes find academic life at the University of Michigan challenging due to language and cultural barriers and time constraints. Scholars often spend the majority of their time in laboratories or libraries where there may be few opportunities to develop their language skills, and they often do not take full advantage of opportunities to join their peers in the academic community. These courses are designed to help scholars increase their confidence using English; thereby, enhancing their professional contributions during their stay at the University of Michigan.

Visiting Scholars/Staff and Post Docs interested in attending a class should contact for information or to set up an appointment.

There is a course fee for participation in the program. Scholars are encouraged to seek partial or full funding of the course fee from their respective department or sponsor. The course is offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring (upon request).  VS 501 Fall, VS 502 Winter.  The Fall and Winter courses are for ten week course, 2 hours per week.

VS 501: Introduction to Communications in Academia +

This course provides instruction in strategies for speaking in both formal and informal academic settings and for written communication. The course will focus on the organization of presentations and techniques for effectively participating in and leading discussions. Other areas of instruction will include review of style and organization of research writing, vocabulary development, and practice in pronunciation to improve clarity of message.

Schedule: 2 hours per week for 10 weeks

VS 502: Academic Communications Seminar +

This is an integrated approach to academic discourse for visiting scholars across disciplines. This course features strategies for formal and informal speaking, including some presentation skills, and strategies for written communication, including a review of organizational patterns
for academic writing, and academic vocabulary and pronunciation. Students will receive feedback on their oral and written work.

Schedule: 2 hours per week for 10 weeks

*Scholars/staff are encouraged to seek funding from their department to pay for tuition.