English For Business Studies

Program Description - English for Business Studies

The English for Business Studies (EBS) program is a five-week intensive course for students who have been accepted to a competitive MBA program in the U.S. for the fall term.

Classes meet approximately twenty hours per week, Monday through Friday. Attendance at all class sessions is mandatory, as is the completion of individual and team homework assignments. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

The primary focus of EBS is on developing the academic language skills necessary to succeed in a rigorous MBA program. EBS challenges students with courses and projects designed to reflect current MBA program practices. Participants work individually and in teams on a variety of projects and receive personal feedback on their progress. Participants also become accustomed to a U.S. academic environment so as to ease the transition into an MBA program.

What You Will Accomplish

You will become more confident as you:

  • Improve your language and communication skills, and confidence using them
  • Participate in and lead group discussions
  • Learn business content and language common to the MBA program
  • Learn how to interact in groups in English
  • Learn how to work effectively on a team
  • Improve your time-management skills
  • Become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them to your advantage
  • Become familiar with the U.S. business school environment
  • Make friends and begin to build social and professional networks

What You Will Experience

The program provides training in the skills you will need to succeed in the MBA program. Classes are all grounded in the MBA experience and include:

  • Model MBA classes using the case studies approach including live cases
  • A mini-course in marketing in which teams develop and present a marketing plan
  • Guest talks from industry leaders
  • Practice writing memos, emails, case analyses, résumés, and cover letters
  • Opportunities to present, be videotaped, and receive peer and instructor feedback
  • Pronunciation tutorials and one-on-one coaching

Who Provides the Instruction

The EBS faculty includes members of the English Language Institute’s distinguished faculty – language teaching professionals with experience in the business world and teaching abroad – and academic business experts from U-M’s Ross School of Business and other distinguished programs.

What You Will be Doing Outside of Class

Special activities include:

  • Meetings with study groups and project teams
  • Lectures on a variety of business topics
  • Site visits to local businesses
  • Team development programming
  • Social and networking activities

Language and Culture Beyond the Curriculum

The EBS program is committed to extending participants’ use of English outside the classroom. A variety of activities, such as receptions and class outings, provide opportunities to use English in social settings. Participants in the EBS program are considered enrolled in the University and have access to U-M libraries and computing centers. Access to sports and fitness facilities is available for a small fee.

Prepare Yourself for Your MBA Program

The best way to prepare yourself for the demands of the MBA program is to attend the English Language Institute’s English for Business Studies (EBS) program. It is a rigorous intensive business-based program that provides training not only in language and communication skills in the business school context, but also in the analytical and interaction skills needed to participate confidently in classes and to network. You also learn a great deal about yourself and how to make the most of your MBA program.

Program Details

Program dates: July 1 – August 5, 2015
Application deadline: May 15, 2015
Tuition deadline: June 1, 2015

The application/registration process for ELI’s 2015 Summer Programs is now open.
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NOTE: A deposit of $500.00 must be received before your application can be processed.  Full tuition must be received by the tuition deadline (see above).

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Please email us if you have more questions: summerprograms@umich.edu.