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Writing Contest

Description: What happens when the lights go out...Energy is pervasive and affects all aspects of society. We invite and welcome responses that interpret this prompt dynamically and creatively. Collaborative entries accepted. May submit one entry per person. Questions to: lightsout@umich.edu.

Areas of focus: We are looking for a unique perspective based on, but not limited to ...

  • How dependent are we on energy?
  • What is not available when the power goes out?
  • How much energy do we use that we don't necessarily need?
  • What are some of the alternative methods to our energy dependencies (including new ideas and/or innovations and known or unknown alternatives)?
  • How does energy use differ across regions of both the country and the world?
  • Athletics: how many sports are reliant on energy?
  • Personal experiences related to energy use or loss.
  • How might we view energy as a metaphor?

Due: Friday October 24th
Electronic submissions only.

Ideas for your original submissions include, but are not limited to creative pieces such as expository, nonfiction, essay, poetry, analysis, or a screenplay.
Essays must include appropriate citations if necessary.
Entries must be 1-20 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman.
There must be a cover page with the writer’s name and contact information; this will not count as one of their 20 pages.
Writer’s name should not appear anywhere within the work.

Contest open only to Undergrad students
There will be prizes awarded for the top four entries.
$200 for the overall winner.
$100 prize for the next three.
Winners will be honored on stage on December 8th during capstone speaker, Paul Portney

Theme Semester Coordinated By
The Center for the Study of Complex Systems
and the LS&A Student Government

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