Welcome to the Alumni Career Profile section of the English Department website.  We created this section because we are curious to know what our graduates have gone on to do professionally.  We also suspect that fellow alumni/ae may want to know what directions their peers have taken. Graduating seniors—faced with that pressing question, “What next?!”—definitely want to hear about what others in their position chose to do and how they did it.  We also assume that Michigan students trying to decide on a major will be interested to know how people with an English degree have prospered in their careers.  Those who have been in the working world for many years know that success in a career often results from a mixture of deliberate planning and the graceful incorporation of unforeseen experiences and opportunity.  We believe these narratives will show a lively mixture of serendipity and strategy.
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We know the career possibilities for English majors are as numerous as they are varied—a  concept perhaps best represented by the sheer breadth and diversity of the careers chosen by our alumni—and as such, we are looking for your help. Share your story and help improve this resource.
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