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Aldrich, Charles (1966)

President, Aldrich Inc. - a real estate management and investment company; formerly vice president of Kell and Company Advertising, Laurel, MD.

Brown, Faith Adler (1969)

Editor, Communications Manager (Currently Retired)

Carter, Betsy (1967)


Conlin, Jennifer (1983)

Freelance Journalist/Travel Writer, The New York Times

Markel, MD, PhD, Howard (1982)

Author, George E. Wantz Distinguished Professor of the History of Medicine, and Director, Center for the History of Medicine (U-M),

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Advertising , Art and Design , Business/Administration , Communications/Marketing , Education , Financial Services , Government , Health and Wellness , Journalism , Law , Medicine , Non-Profit , Post-Graduate Education , Professional/Collegiate Sports , Public Relations , Public Service/Politics , Publishing , Teach/Work Abroad , Technology , Television/Entertainment/Media , Translation , Urban Planning , Writer

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