Fred Uleman

Translator (Japanese/English)

Grad Year: 1963


Reading and writing for a living

I majored in English because it let me get credits for reading all of those books I wanted to read anyway. Following graduation in 1963, I came to Japan, learned a little Japanese, and started translating. I have been translating Japanese to English, primarily in the economic and political fields, for about 40 years.

Translation obviously requires understanding the source language and the content, but it also very strongly requires the ability to write well in the target language. This is where having been an English major comes in. I enjoy writing. Translation is a form of writing. It is basically taking the source text and rewriting it in the target language -- and you get paid for doing this. If you specialize in fields you are interested in, you end up getting paid for reading things you want to read anyway and rewriting them into English. Highly recommended for self-indulgent people such as myself.

Fred Uleman
Rethinking the Constitution: An Anthology of Japanese Opinion

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