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Amanda Hagood Teaching Demonstration



Holding a Jar Up to Nature 
This talk, intended to represent the opening class of an Introduction to Ecocricism course, offers a working definition of “ecocriticism,” a growing body of literary study that addresses the relationship between cultural production and the natural world. Beyond a simple search for environmentalist messages in the texts we read, ecocriticism can teach us new ways of thinking about critical issues of subjectivity, narrative, and poetics in literary texts. Looking briefly at the history of literary criticism, we will examine ecocriticm as a response to the field’s traditional concern with the text as a world unto itself—a new way of asking what happens when we use literary analysis to examine the ways we talk, write, and think about the biotic community outside the text. Students will then read and attempt to produce their own ecocritical readings in response to Wallace Stevens’s classic poem “Anecdote of the Jar.”
Amanda Hagood is a candidate for the joint Lec. III search in English and the Program in the Environment.
Start Time: 2/6/2013  4:10 PM
Location: 3222 AH
Contact: karlyjm@umich.edu
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