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ECSG/NCF Graduate Student Conference, "The Economy of Scales"

Mar 22

Conference Description: The eighteenth and nineteenth century witnessed the rise of many new modes of inquiry and practice. Often, these new fields required the development, implementation, and standardization of new scales to accompany these practices. This interdisciplinary conference will explore the “economy” of scales in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, that is, the manner in which different scales -- temporal and/or spatial, whole or part,  macroscopic or microscopic,  human or non-human, and local, national, or international -- influence cultural, historical, literary and scientific practices in these periods. How do different scales influence our current understanding of these practices? What were the various scales, metrics, or ranges employed by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century figures?  How did these scales organize these figures’ understanding of their world?  How did these scales direct cultural or scientific inquiry towards certain objects or areas of interest over others? What influence did they have on interpretive practices?  How does scale factor in the way we approach eighteenth-and-nineteenth century texts, artifacts, and practices now?

Keynote addresses by Noah Heringman (English, Missouri), “Buffon and the Challenges of Scale: Geology & Species in The Epochs of Nature,” and Craig Benjamin (History, Grand Valley State), “Big History: The History of Everything.”

All panels and keynotes will be in 3222 Angell Hall. The full conference schedule is available at http://www.umich.edu/~ecsg/Conference2014/index.html



Start Time: 3/21/2014 - 3/22/2014  1:30 PM
Location: 3222 Angell Hall
Website: http://www.umich.edu/~ecsg/Conference2014/index.html
Contact: crisanne@umich.edu
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