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Word Cloud Atlas: Key Terms across Disciplinary and Geographical Boundaries (Panel Discussion Co-sponsored by Reorientations and the Early Modern Colloquium)


Have you ever rejoiced over a promising bibliographic citation, then looked it up and discovered that the author had an entirely different definition of the word "temporality" or "scale"? Have you ever adopted a word from another context in your own writing, then been surprised by the critical response? We asked scholars from various disciplinary and geographical specializations to describe what temporality means in relation to their own work. By interrogating this shared term and others more specific to their individual research, the panelists will reflect on the possibilities and limitations of conversations across disciplines.

Featuring Hussein Fancy (History), Catherine Sanok (English), and Kevin Carr (Art History). 

For information, please contact Eliza Mathie of the Early Modern Colloquium (mathie@umich.edu) or Alice Tsay of Reorientations (atsay@umich.edu). 

About the groups:

The Early Modern Colloquium is an interdisciplinary organization run by graduate students at the University of Michigan. The purposes of the group are to stimulate the early modern scholarly community at the University of Michigan; to facilitate conversations between students, faculty, visiting scholars and members of various departments within the university; and to forground new approaches to studying early modern literatures and cultures.

Reorientations is an interdisciplinary group working towards building the scale and quality of reorientational studies, which is not the rewriting but the rethinking of dominant historical doxa in English literary criticism along a global, transnational and transpacific axis. Topics that reorientational studies take up include, but are certainly not limited to: Global English, Transpacific Nationalism, Global Commodities and Labor movements, Historicizing Globalization, Transnational Discourses and Bodies, Translation and Translingual Theory, Global Imaginaries, Virtual Worlds, Cosmopolitanism, Travel(ing) Texts, Pacific Island Studies, Orientalism(s), Sinology and Neo-Sinology, Western and Eastern Imperialism/ Literary Nationalism, Queer Asians/ Cosmopolitans, Theories of Geography and Space, and the role of the East in Contemporary Critical Theory.

Start Time: 11/8/2013  2:00  PM
Location: 3222 Angell Hall
Website: http://www.umich.edu/~reorient
Contact: atsay@umich.edu
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