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U-Monument 2014: Translating the Facade of Angell Hall


How do we read our monuments? Contexts for Classics and the Kelsey Museum invite you to a panel discussion

The event will be comprised of two parts: 

[1] an interdisciplinary panel on the facade of Angell Hall that will present five different "readings" of one of the most iconic "texts" here on the campus. The panel consists of the following:

Kristin Hass (American Culture)
Terrence McDonald (History, Director of the Bentley Historical Library, ex-Dean of LSA)
Alexander Potts (History of Art)
Christopher Ratté (Classical Archaeology, Director of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology)
Andrea Zemuglys (English)

[2] an interactive community “translation” of the facade of Angell Hall with lights, music, and dancing, under the direction of Mark Tucker, who is the Arts Director of the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program and the creative director of FestiFools, with a live DJ, dancing, and laser lighting of the columns.  This outdoor portion of the event  has been postponed until the spring due to the frigid weather.
For more information, please visit our webpage.
Facebook event for dance event.
UM Event page for free and public workshop that Alice Lloyd Hall (100 South observatory) is hosting on Monday, January 27, at 6:00 PM for people to make LED-apparel to wear to the event itself.
Start Time: 1/29/2014  5:00 PM
Location: Kelsey Museum, 434 S. State Street
Website: http://www.umich.edu/~cfc/
Contact: ngeller@umich.edu
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