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EDWP Winter Colloquium Series: "who we are in the classroom / who are we in the classroom?"


Building on our fall colloquium on the role of discomfort in classroom communities, as well as our 993 Symposium, this colloquium will directly explore questions of instructor and student identities in the writing classroom. Aspects of identity that we might discuss include, but are not limited to, race, gender, class, sexuality, disability, age, and religious and political affiliations. Rather than being organized around a formal panel, this colloquium will be driven by small group discussion, allowing the agenda to be created by the attendees, their experiences and questions.

Small group discussion will be facilitated by EDWP instructors.

Please note: attendance at prior colloquia and/or the 993 symposium are not prerequisites to attending and participating in this colloquium! Anyone with an interest in the teaching of writing, and the role of instructor and student identities in the writing classroom, is very welcome!

Start Time: 1/31/2014  1:00 PM
Location: Angell 3222
Contact: jhhansen@umich.edu; crisanne@umich.edu
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