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Supplemental Info: Sexual Harassment and Grievance Procedures


The English Department, along with the Rackham Graduate School and the University as a whole, takes issues of sexual harassment and other types of discrimination seriously.  There is a well-established procedure to deal with such issues.  Graduate students who have any concerns about sexual harassment or discrimination should immediately seek an appointment for a confidential consultation with the English Department Associate Chair (734-936-2271). 

For further information on assistance with sexual harassment or discrimination of any type, please see the Rackham Graduate School website at:

Students should also remember that they are future professors and as such must also be concerned that they themselves meet the standards of conduct that the University expects.



We urge graduate students to seek resolution of conflicts related to their grades within the department, in consultation with the graduate office.  Any student who wishes to file a grade grievance, or any grievance related to academic matters, should contact the Rackham Graduate Student Affairs Office, either in person, in Suite 150, Rackham, or by phone at 734-647-7548, to speak with a Rackham Resolution/Grievance Officer.  Further information can be found online at:


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