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Admissions-Frequently Asked Questions

What degrees are required to apply?

Applicants need to have both a Bachelor’s degree demonstrating broad preparation in English or in areas appropriate to the degree program and a Master of Arts degree in English or Education.

Is there a minimum grade point average needed to qualify for admission?

A grade point average indicating the abilities and habits necessary to achieve a strong record of graduate study at the University of Michigan is necessary.

How many new students are admitted each year?

Four to six students are admitted each fall. Competition for admission into this program is keen because the Program is small and highly selective.

What kind of financial support is available?

All students accepted into the Program will be guaranteed five years of support. This may come in the form of a fellowship or a teaching assistantship, but in either case it will be accompanied by full tuition remission and the option of health benefits. Some students are supported by fellowships.

Is knowledge of a foreign language necessary to be considered for admission?

A background in one or more foreign languages is recommended as students in the Program must demonstrate either advanced competence in one foreign language, or basic competence in two foreign languages, in order to complete the Program.

Is teaching experience required?

It is necessary to have teaching and/or informal experiences, in or out of school settings in order to be considered for the Program.

How many letters of recommendation are needed to apply?

At least three letters of recommendation are required, two of which are from persons in a position to predict the applicant's success. Such persons might be professors associated with the student's study, administrators from an institution where the applicant has taught, or other persons familiar with graduate standards.

What tests are required?

  • The general GRE is required. Scores should be submitted to the English and Education Program using 1839 as the institution number.
  • The GRE test date must be within five years of the application deadline (January 5) in order to be valid for admission.

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