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The English Department joins the University's initiative to provide world-wide access to the wealth of multimedia content produced by our faculty, students, and distinguished visitors. All content is free for download and/or use with iTunes.
Read U-M's press release here.
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Using iTunes U

If you already use iTunes simply click on either the English iTunes link or the University of Michigan link above to reach the Department of English on iTunes U or the University of Michigan on iTunes U. From either store you can then subscribe to podcasts and/or download files to your computer.

If you've never used iTunes before, visit www.apple.com/itunes and download iTunes for Macintosh or Windows. Click on the "Download" button to install the application.

To launch individual files in iTunes U (or the audio or video libraries), find the file you want in the file lists and click on the iTunes button to launch iTunes and locate that file in iTunes U.
iTunes Button iTunes Button

You may also download files directly to your computer if you'd prefer not to use iTunes. To do so, find the file you wish to download and click on the download button.
If you are not prompted automatically to save the file to your computer, you can do so manually. PC users should Right-Click on the button and use the "save as" option; Mac users should use Alt-Click.
Download Button Download Button

To view or listen to downloaded files, you will need the appropriate software for viewing multimedia files (.mp3, .mpeg, .mov, etc.). While some version of this software is part of the standard installation on most computers, if you do not currently have this software, there is a wide variety available for download. Some examples include Apple's Quicktime, Window's Media Player, and Real Audio.


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