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The English Department joins the University's initiative to provide world-wide access to the wealth of multimedia content produced by our faculty, students, and distinguished visitors. All content is free for download and/or use with iTunes.
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What is iTunes U?

Apple now features free downloadable material (audio and video) provided by many universities and accessed through the "iTunes U" section of the iTunes store.

Why is Michigan and the Department of English participating in iTunes U?

The School of Dentistry began working with iTunes several years ago to provide class lectures to its students in an easily accessible digital environment. As iTunes U developed, it became apparent that the ability to provide quality materials to the public—in addition to the classroom—could open doors to many University of Michigan lectures, news stories, speeches, etc.

People will now be able to access many of the guest speakers and special lectures and series that the University sponsors—from any where, at any time—thus furthering the ability of a public institution to provide informative and enriching material.

As there is a wealth of public readings and lectures presented within the Department of English, participation in iTunes U seems a natural fit.

What kinds of content are available?

At the University of Michigan, there is a distinction between public content and classroom content. Class lectures are available through CTools to students enrolled in a class. Materials uploaded to CTools cannot automatically migrate to the public site.

On the public U-M iTunes U, material is gathered from lecture series, public talks, news podcasts, public videos, etc. Sample materials might include the video celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Polio Vaccine, the Penny Stamps Lecture Series, or a News Service story podcast.

Within the Department of English multimedia store you will find a range of readings and lectures produced by our faculty, students, and distinguished visitors.

Do I need an iPod or a Mac to listen to files housed in iTunes U?

No. Any media player that can play .mp4 video or AAC audio files will work. You have two options for accessing the multimedia files:

For full access to Michigan iTunes U, you must go through iTunes to download the content, but can then use the media player of your choice with the downloaded files. Apple has free versions of iTunes available for Macs running 10.3 and up, and PCs running Microsoft Windows XP and up.

Alternatively, you may download files from the library of English multimedia directly.

See the "Using iTunes U" section for more details.

How do I submit a file to the English library?

Requests should be submitted to eng.web.admin@umich.edu. Basic guidelines for submitting files and guidelines for quality control exist on our contribute section.

Where does the submission request go?

The public iTunes U at Michigan site is populated by Michigan Marketing & Design with the support of the Vice President for Communications. Submissions will be formatted to the specifications required by MMD by the English website administrator and passed along to MMD for posting within English on iTunes U.

How do I obtain consent for recording and republishing content?

The University provides a PDF form covering digital rights, click here to download this form.



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