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Gregerson Elected to AAAS Class of 2014

Posted: 4/24/2014 11:17:11 PM

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects its 2014 Class of Members

The American Academy has announced its 2014 class of new members, which includes leaders in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, business, public affairs, and the nonprofit sector. A press release announcing the election of the class is below. The complete list of new members is located at https://www.amacad.org/members.


Press Release

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. | April 23, 2014 – The American Academy of Arts and Sciences today announced the election of 204 new members. They include some of the world’s most accomplished scholars, scientists, writers, artists, and civic, corporate, and philanthropic leaders. 

The list of the new members is located at https://www.amacad.org/members

One of the nation’s most prestigious honorary societies, the Academy is also a leading center for independent policy research. Members contribute to Academy publications and studies of science and technology policy, energy and global security, social policy and American institutions, and the humanities, arts, and education. 

“It is a privilege to honor these men and women for their extraordinary individual accomplishments,” said Don Randel, Chair of the Academy’s Board of Directors. “The knowledge and expertise of our members give the Academy a unique capacity – and responsibility – to provide practical policy solutions to the pressing challenges of the day. We look forward to engaging our new members in this work.” 

Members of the 2014 class include winners of the Nobel Prize; the Wolf Prize; the Pulitzer Prize; National Medal of the Arts; MacArthur, Guggenheim, and Fulbright Fellowships; and Grammy, Emmy, Oscar, and Tony Awards. 

Scientists in the new class include: astrophysicist Neta A. Bahcall, who combines observational data from large-scale surveys to determine the structure in the universe; theoretical computer scientist Jennifer Tour Chayes, known for her work on phase transitions; Jerry F. Franklin, leading visionary in forest ecology and conservation; author of the influential book Langlands Correspondence for Loop GroupsEdward FrenkelTamás F. Freund, who discovered new molecular pathways in nerve cell communication; epigenetics researcher Shiv Grewal; computer scientist Daphne Koller, cofounder of Coursera; Stephen Quake, whose research seeks to improve biological measurement techniques; Dan Shechtman, winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry; Richard Silverman, inventor of Lyrica™; epidemiologist Jaime Sepulveda; and theoretical physicist Anthony Zee, a leader in particle theory. 

Social scientists in the new class include: Deborah Loewenberg Ball, a leader in teacher education development with a focus on mathematics teaching; University of California, Berkeley’s former Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George W. Breslauer, a scholar in Soviet and post-Soviet studies; Raj Chetty, among the most cited young economists in the world, who works on tax policy, social insurance, and education policy; Timothy Earle, an archaeologist who specializes in the study of chiefly societies and ancient kingdoms; Michael Greenstone, former Chief Economist for President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers; political scientist Paula D. McClain, the recognized authority on race and racism in America; Judge Lee Rosenthal, leader in civil justice reform; sociologist Sherry Turkle, who explores human relationships with technology; and Janet Werker, a psychologist who focuses on understanding the roots of language acquisition. 

In the humanities and the arts, new members include: Pulitzer Prize winners Jules Feiffer andAnnie Proulx; scholar of American religious history Catherine L. Albanese; artist Chris Burden;James Chandler, a scholar of British literature; philosopher John B. Cobb; Renaissance literature scholar Margaret W. Ferguson; poet Linda Gregerson; curator Maxwell K. Hearn; novelist and screenwriter John Irving; U.S. historian and The New Yorker writer Jill Lepore; choreographerTere O'Connor; Jeffersonian scholar Peter S. Onuf; director and actor Al Pacino; short story writer George Saunders; science historian Londa Schiebinger; musician-composer Ralph Stanley; and novelist and English and comparative literature scholar Ngugi wa Thiong'o

Elected in public affairs and journalism are: former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and current U.S. Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestine Negotiations Martin S. IndykWilliam Kling, Founder and President Emeritus of American Public Media Group; Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Ann Marie Lipinski; former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich; and Chief Judge Patti B. Saris, Chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission. 

Philanthropists and business leaders in the 2014 class include: Charles F. Feeney, Founding Chair of Atlantic Philanthropies; Sherry Lansing, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Sherry Lansing Foundation; Susan Woods Paine, patron of the arts and education in the Boston area;John W. Rogers, Jr., Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Ariel Investments; andJerry I. Speyer, Chairman and Co-Executive Officer of Tishman Speyer, a global real estate firm. 

The new class also includes leaders of educational, cultural, and philanthropic organizations, among them: Anthony K. Cheetham, Treasurer and Vice President of the Royal Society; Nicholas B. Dirks, Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley; Christopher L. Eisgruber, President of Princeton University; Adam Gamoran, President of the William T. Grant Foundation; Nathan O. Hatch, President of Wake Forest University; Irene Hirano Inouye, President of the U.S.-Japan Council; Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and Michael S. McPherson, President of the Spencer Foundation. 

The Academy elected 16 Foreign Honorary Members from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom. They include: artist El Anatsui, economist Manuel Arellano, writer A. S. Byatt, and chemist Peter P. Edwards

The new class will be inducted at a ceremony on October 11, 2014, at the Academy’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Since its founding in 1780, the Academy has elected leading “thinkers and doers” from each generation, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin in the eighteenth century, Daniel Webster and Ralph Waldo Emerson in the nineteenth, and Margaret Meade and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the twentieth. The current membership includes more than 250 Nobel laureates and more than 60 Pulitzer Prize winners.


Curzan at TEDxUofM

Posted: 4/17/2014 7:38:22 AM

Anne Curzan was a recent presenter at TEDxUofM. You can watch the talk below:


2014 BEN Prize

Posted: 3/25/2014 3:27:21 PM
We are delighted to announce the 2014 winners of the BEN Prize for outstanding teaching of writing:
  • Angela Berkley
  • Jamie Jones
The BEN Prize, funded by an endowment in honor of alum and English Advisory Board member Larry Kirshbaum, is awarded each year to two Lecturers who have achieved a high level of excellence in the teaching of writing.
Angie and Jamie bring remarkable insight, enthusiasm, skill, and creativity to the teaching of writing.  Please join us in congratulating them for their wonderful work.
We would also like to congratulate all of the excellent instructors who were nominated for the prize.  Our selection committee found it inspiring and humbling to read the nominees' materials, including the many glowing letters of support they received from their students and colleagues. 

Moscow Prize 2014

Posted: 2/13/2014 8:39:49 PM

It is a pleasure for us to announce the three recipients of this year’s David and Linda Moscow Prize for Excellence in Teaching Composition:

Justine Neiderhiser

James Pinto

Rebecca Scherm

Justine, James, and Rebecca bring a remarkable level of insight, enthusiasm, skill, and creativity to the teaching of writing.  Please join us in congratulating them for their wonderful work.

We would also like to congratulate all of the excellent instructors who were nominated for the prize.  Our selection committee had to make difficult decisions in choosing from such an impressive pool of applicants.  We found it inspiring and humbling to read all of the nominees' materials, including the many glowing letters of support they received from their students and colleagues.  

David and Linda Moscow make this prize possible, and we are grateful for their ongoing generosity to the Writing Program. 

Eileen Pollack Essay in NYT

Posted: 10/3/2013 12:03:29 PM

Essay on women in science by Eileen Pollack feature in New York Times.

From the article:

Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?

Last summer, researchers at Yale published a study proving that physicists, chemists and biologists are likely to view a young male scientist more favorably than a woman with the same qualifications. Presented with identical summaries of the accomplishments of two imaginary applicants, professors at six major research institutions were significantly more willing to offer the man a job. If they did hire the woman, they set her salary, on average, nearly $4,000 lower than the man’s. Surprisingly, female scientists were as biased as their male counterparts.

Read the full article...


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