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Main Offices

The University of Michigan
Department of English Language and Literature

435 South State Street (map)
3187 Angell Hall
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1003

Phone: (734) 764-6330
Fax: (734) 763-3128

Chair's Office (3219C AH)

Michael Schoenfeldt, Department Chair
Theresa Tinkle, Associate Chair
Karly Mitchell, Executive Secretary to the Chair/Associate Chair

Administrative Offices (3187 AH)

Jane Johnson, Department Manager
Linda Deitert, Human Resource Assistant
Lewander Davis, Administrative Assistant
Rick Smoke, Web Applications Developer, Website Administrator
Hannah Yung, Meeting and Event Coordinator – English, Comp Lit, & American Culture

Graduate Offices (3187 AH)

Daniel Hack, Graduate Director
Michael Byers, Director MFA Program in Creative Writing
Jan Burgess, Graduate Administrator
Megan Levad, MFA Assistant Director
Senia Vasquez, Admissions Administrative Assistant

Graduate Inquiries
( graduate.english@umich.edu )

Undergraduate Offices (3187 AH)

Joshua Miller, Undergraduate Director
Katherine Teasdale, Undergraduate Administrator
Jennifer Catey, Curriculum Coordinator
Karena Huff, Student Administrator Assistant

Undergraduate Inquiries
( undergrad.sec.eng@umich.edu )

Writing Program Offices (3012 TH)

Megan Sweeney, Director
Jeremiah Chamberlin, Associate Director
Lisa Curtis, Writing Program Administrator
Bonnie Campbell, Student Administration Assistant

Writing Program Inquiries
( eng.writing.program@umich.edu )

Hopwood Room (1176 AH)

Nicholas Delbanco, Director
Andrea Beauchamp, Assistant Director

South State Street Business Office (6525 Haven Hall)

sssbusoff@umich.edu (General Contact)

Lisa Frye, Financial Manager
Denise Looker, Financial Specialist
Karen Payne, Financial Specialist
Kathy Halleck, Financial Assistant
Pat Preston, Contract and Grant Specialist



Dept. of English Language and Literature

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435 S. State Street, 3187 Angell Hall
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1003
Phone: (734) 764-6330 Fax: (734) 763-3128