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Thinking Sex with the Early Moderns


Valerie Traub
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What do we know about early modern sex? And how do we know it? How, when, and why does sex become history? In "Thinking Sex with the Early Moderns," Valerie Traub addresses these questions and, in doing so, reorients the ways in which historians and literary critics, feminists and queer theorists approach sexuality and its history.

All recent publications by Valerie Traub

  • Thinking Sex with the Early Moderns
  • Gay Shame

All publications by Valerie Traub

Thinking Sex with the Early Moderns (2015).

Co-editor, Gay Shame (2009).

“The Nature of Norms: Anatomy, Cartography, King Lear” (2009).
“The Joys of Martha Joyless:  Queer Pedagogy and the (Early Modern) Production of Sexual Knowledge,” (2008).
“The Past is a Foreign Country? The Times and Spaces of Islamicate Sexuality Studies" (2008).
“The Present Future of Lesbian Historiography” (2007).
“Friendship’s Loss: Alan Bray’s Making of History,” (2004).
“Sequence, Sexuality, and Shakespeare’s Two Loves" (2003).

The Renaissance of Lesbianism in Early Modern England (2002).

“Mapping the Global Body” (2000).
“Sex Without Issue: Sodomy, Reproduction, and Signification in Shakespeare’s Sonnets” (1998).
“Gendering Mortality in Early Modern Anatomies” (1996).
Co-editor, Feminist Readings of Early Modern Culture: Emerging Subjects (1996).
Desire & Anxiety: Circulations of Sexuality in Shakespearean Drama (1992).

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