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The Colors of Zion: Blacks, Jews, and Irish from 1845 to 1945


George Bornstein
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A major reevaluation of relationships among Blacks, Jews, and Irish in the years between the Irish Famine and the end of World War II, "The Colors of Zion" argues that the cooperative efforts and sympathies among these three groups, each persecuted and subjugated in its own way, was much greater than often acknowledged today. For the Black, Jewish, and Irish writers, poets, musicians, and politicians at the center of this transatlantic study, a sense of shared wrongs inspired repeated outpourings of sympathy. If what they have to say now surprises us, it is because our current constructions of interracial and ethnic relations have overemphasized conflict and division. As George Bornstein says in his Introduction, he chooses "to let the principals speak for themselves."

While acknowledging past conflicts and tensions, Bornstein insists on recovering the "lost connections" through which these groups frequently defined their plights as well as their aspirations. In doing so, he examines a wide range of materials, including immigration laws, lynching, hostile race theorists, Nazis and Klansmen, discriminatory university practices, and Jewish publishing houses alongside popular plays like "The Melting Pot" and Abie's "Irish Rose," canonical novels like "Ulysses" and "Daniel Deronda," music from slave spirituals to jazz, poetry, and early films such as "The Jazz Singer." The models of brotherhood that extended beyond ethnocentrism a century ago, the author argues, might do so once again today, if only we bear them in mind. He also urges us to move beyond arbitrary and invidious categories of race and ethnicity.

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  • The Colors of Zion: Blacks, Jews, and Irish from 1845 to 1945

All publications by George Bornstein

The Colors of Zion: Blacks, Jews, and Irish From 1845 to 1945 (Harvard University Press, 2011); W. B. Yeats: The Winding Stair and Other Poems, a Facsimile Edition (Scribner, 2011); W. B. Yeats: Early Essays, v. 4 of The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats (Scribner, 2007); Material Modernism: The Politics of the Page (Cambridge University Press, 2001). The Iconic Page in Manuscript, Print, and Digital Culture (University of Michigan Press, 1998); W.B. Yeats: Under the Moon, The Unpublished Early Poetry (Scribner, 1995); Contemporary German Editorial Theory (University of Michigan Press, 1995); W.B. Yeats: The Early Poetry, v. 2 (Cornell University Press, 1994); Palimpsest: Editorial Theory in the Humanities (University of Michigan Press, 1993); Representing Modernist Texts: Editing as Interpretation (University of Michigan Press, 1991); W.B. Yeats: Letters to the New Island, v. 7 of The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats (Macmillan Publishing Company, 1990); Poetic Remaking: The Art of Browning, Yeats, and Pound (Penn State Press, 1988); W.B. Yeats: The Early Poetry, v.1 (Cornell University Press, 1987); Ezra Pound Among the Poets (University of Chicago Press, 1985); Yeats: An Annual (co-editor, Cornell University Press, 1985); Romantic and Modern: Reevaluations of Literary Tradition (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1977); The Postromantic Consciousness of Ezra Pound (University of Victoria ELS Literary Monograph Series, 1977); Transformations of Romanticism in Yeats, Eliot, and Stevens (University of Chicago Press, 1976); Yeats and Shelley (University of Chicago Press, 1970).

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