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The Cambridge Introduction to The Nineteenth-Century American Novel


Gregg Crane
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Stowe, Hawthorne, Melville, and Twain: these are just a few of the world-class novelists of nineteenth-century America. The nineteenth-century American novel was a highly fluid form, constantly evolving in response to the turbulent events of the period and emerging as a key component in American identity, growth, expansion and the Civil War. Gregg Crane tells the story of the American novel from its beginnings in the early republic to the end of the nineteenth century. Treating the famous and many less well-known works, Crane discusses the genre's major figures, themes and developments. He analyses the different types of American fiction - romance, sentimental fiction, and the realist novel - in detail, while the historical context is explained in relation to how novelists explored the changing world around them. This comprehensive and stimulating introduction will enhance students' experience of reading and studying the whole canon of American fiction.

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  • The Cambridge Introduction to The Nineteenth-Century American Novel

All publications by Gregg Crane

The Cambridge Introduction to the Nineteenth-Century American Novel (Cambridge University Press, 2007); Race, Citizenship, and Law in American Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2002); "Playing it safe: American literature and the taming of chance," Modern Intellectual History 11:1 (2014); “Intuition: The ‘Unseen Thread’ Connecting Emerson and James,” Modern Intellectual History 10:1 (2013); "The Art of Judgment," American Literary History 23:3 (2011); "Law and the American Novel," Cambridge History of the American Novel (2010); "Reasonable Doubts: Crime and Punishment," American Literary History 18:4 (2006); "The Law and Literature Movement," The Oxford Companion to American Law, ed. Kermit Hall (Oxford University Press, 2002); "Stowe and the Law," The Cambridge Companion to Harriet Beecher Stowe, ed. Cindy Weinstein (Cambridge University Press, 2004); "Ralph Ellison's Constitutional Faith," The Cambridge Companion to Ralph Ellison, ed. Ross Posnock (Cambridge University Press, 2005); articles on nineteenth-century American literature, African American literature, and law and literature in American Literature, American Literary History, and Nineteenth-Century Literature.

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