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Kostas Karyotakis: Battered Guitars - Poems and Prose


Translated by Keith Taylor and William W. Reader
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The early decades of the twentieth century were particularly chaotic in Greece, but gave rise to the major work of Kostas Karyotakis (1896-1928), a poetry both lush and precise, both tragic and ironic. sometimes considered post-Romantic or an heir to the symbolists, sometimes as either a modernist or a pre-cursor of th post-modern, Karyotakis fits uneasily into our categories. He created an art that, though rooted in the personal and the political, moves far beyond the boundaries of his own life and time. In this work poetry is the necessary but reluctant, almost involuntary response to the swirl around us. "We are just some battered guitars," he wrote. "When the wind blows over us,/it awakens verses and dissonant sounds/on strings that droop like watch chains."

All recent publications by Keith Taylor

  • The Ancient Murrelet
  • Ghost Writers: Us Haunting Them, Contemporary Michigan Literature
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  • Kostas Karyotakis: Battered Guitars - Poems and Prose

All publications by Keith Taylor

2013, The Ancient Murrelet, Alice Greene and Co. 2011, Marginalia for a Natural History, Black Lawrence Press. 2011, Ghost Writers: Us Haunting Them, co-edited with Laura Kasischke, Wayne State University Press (selected as a Michigan Notable Book of the Year for 2012). 2009, If the World Becomes So Bright, Wayne State University Press. 2006, Battered Guitars: Poetry and Prose of Kostas Karyotakis, co-translated with William W. Reader, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman, and Modern Greek Studies, The University of Birmingham. 2006, Guilty at the Rapture, Hanging Loose Press. 2002, What These Ithakas Mean: Readings in Cavafy, co-edited, Literary and Historical Archive (Athens). 2000, The Huron River: Voices from the Watershed, co-edited with John Knott, The University of Michigan Press.

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