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Profile: Philip  Christman

Title: Lecturer

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3142 AH


10-11:30AM, Tuesday & Thursday






chrip @umich.edu


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Research Interests

Primary Interests

Creative writing (fiction), contemporary fiction, Midwestern literature

Secondary Interests

I am current editor of the PCAP (Prison Creative Arts Project) annual Michigan Review of Prisoner Creative Writing.


Review of David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King. Books & Culture. May 2011. http://www.booksandculture.com/articles/webexclusives/2011/may/paleking.html
Review of Michael Lewis’s The Big Short. Forthcoming in Identity Theory.
Review of George Scialabba’s What Are Intellectuals Good For?Identity Theory. February 26, 2010. HTTP://WWW.IDENTITYTHEORY.COM/LIT/CHRISTMAN_SCIALABBA.PHP.
Review of Declan Kibberd’s Ulysses and UsIdentity Theory. February 26, 2010. HTTP://WWW.IDENTITYTHEORY.COM/LIT/CHRISTMAN_ULYSSES.PHP.
“Farewell, Amazon” (essay). The Banner. February 2010.
“The Truth In Fiction” (essay). The Banner. December 2009.
“The Library” (fiction). The Mercy Review.Oct 27, 2009. HTTP://THEMERCYREVIEW.WEEBLY.COM/THE-LIBRARY-BY-PHIL-CHRISTMAN.HTML.
“The Enormous St. Blog” (fiction). Annalemma.Sept 23, 2009.  http://annalemma.net/features/the-enormous-st-blog.html.
Untitled review of Gary Lutz’s Stories in the Worst WayIdentity Theory. July 28, 2009. HTTP://WWW.IDENTITYTHEORY.COM/LIT/CHRISTMAN_LUTZ.PHP.
“The Imagination of Man’s Heart” (review of Roberto Bolano’s 2666). Books & Culture. November 24, 2008. HTTP://WWW.CHRISTIANITYTODAY.COM/BC/COLUMNS/BOOKOFTHEWEEK/081124B.HTM.
Untitled review of Kathleen Ferraro’s Neither Angels Nor Demons and Wally Lamb’s I’ll Fly AwayNWSA Journal 20:2 (2008).
“The Best American Novelist You’ve Never Heard Of” (review of David Rhodes’s Driftless). Books & Culture.Sept 15, 2008. HTTP://WWW.CHRISTIANITYTODAY.COM/BC/COLUMNS/BOOKOFTHEWEEK/080915A.HTML.
“A Tabernacle in the Dark” (review of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road). Books & Culture. Sept/Oct 2007.
Untitled review of Gilbert Hernandez’s SlothPaste Magazine 23 (August 2006).
“The Go-Betweens: Literate and Long-Running” (feature/interview). Paste Magazine 16 (June/July 2005).
“What Do You Mean, ‘Moral’ Fiction?” (review of Martin Amis’s Yellow Dog). Books & Culture.Jan 24, 2005.HTTP://WWW.CHRISTIANITYTODAY.COM/BC/COLUMNS/BOOKOFTHEWEEK/050124.HTML.
“Standing By Words: Reconstructing  the Garden” (book column). Paste Magazine 13 (Dec 2004/Jan 2005).
“Getting Lost in Translation” (review of several, mostly Russian novels). Paste Magazine 13 (December 2004/Jan 2005).
Review of Marilynne Robinson’s GileadPaste Magazine 13 (December 2004/Jan 2005).
Review of Stanley Hauerwas’s Performing the FaithPaste Magazine 13 (December 2004/Jan 2005).

Review of David Foster Wallace’s OblivionPaste Magazine 12 (Oct/Nov 2004).
Review of James Woods’s The Irresponsible Self (book review).Paste Magazine 12 (Oct/Nov 2004).
“Rilo Kiley: Restless For Adventure” (feature/interview). Paste Magazine 11 (Aug/Sept 2004).
“Standing By Words: John Gardner’s Moral Artistry” (book column). Paste Magazine 11 (Aug/Sept 2004).
“Standing By Words: Wendell Berry’s Unique Vision” (book column). Paste Magazine 10 (June/July 2004).
Review of several Noam Chomsky books. Paste Magazine 10 (June/July 2004).
Review of B.H. Fairchild’s Early Occult Memory Systems of the Upper MidwestPaste Magazine 9 (April/May 2004).
“The Mekons Return to Punk Rock” (feature/interview). Paste Magazine 8 (Feb/March 2004).
Review of Toni Morrison’s LovePaste Magazine 7. Nov/Dec 2003.
“Skeptical Resurrection” (review of various adaptations of Stanislaw Lem’s novel Solaris). Books & Culture Feb/March 2003.

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