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Research Interests

Primary Interests

Creative writing (fiction), contemporary fiction, Midwestern literature

Secondary Interests

I am current editor of the PCAP (Prison Creative Arts Project) annual Michigan Review of Prisoner Creative Writing.


Untitled review-essay on Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me. Forthcoming in The Christian Courier.
“Defending Henry James.” Forthcoming in The Christian Courier.
“Year of the Crab” (short story). Forthcoming in illiterally.
“Italo Calvino Revisited.” The Christian Courier. September 28, 2015.
“Pride at the Root of Racism: On the Theology of J. Kameron Carter.” The Christian Courier. Aug 24, 2015.
Untitled review-essay on James Wood’s The Nearest Thing to Life. Books & Culture. Aug 2015. http://www.booksandculture.com/articles/webexclusives/2015/august/nearest-thing-to-life.html?paging=off
“The Introduction of the Byline: On Renata Adler.” The Periphery. July 1, 2015. http://www.theperipherymag.com/essay-the-introduction-of-the-byline.
Untitled review-essay on Penelope Fitzgerald. The Christian Courier. Jan 12, 2015.
Untitled review-essay on feminist theologian Sarah Coakley. The Christian Courier. October 26, 2014.
Untitled review of Matt Taibbi’s The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap. The Christian Courier. Sept 6, 2014.
“Recovering Muriel Spark” (essay). The Christian Courier. June 23, 2014.
Review-essay on David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King. Books & Culture. May 2011. http://www.booksandculture.com/articles/webexclusives/2011/may/paleking.html.
“Category Mistakes” (fiction). Forthcoming in The Mercy Review.
Review of Marilynne Robinson’s Absence of Mind. Forthcoming in Identity Theory.
Review of Michael Lewis’s The Big Short. Forthcoming in Identity Theory.
Untitled review of George Scialabba’s What Are Intellectuals Good For? Identity Theory. Feb 26, 2010. http://www.identitytheory.com/lit/christman_scialabba.php.
Untitled review of Declan Kibberd’s Ulysses and Us. Identity Theory. Feb 26, 2010. http://www.identitytheory.com/lit/christman_ulysses.php.
“Farewell, Amazon” (essay). The Banner. Feb 2010.
“The Truth In Fiction” (essay). The Banner. Dec 2009.
“The Library” (fiction). The Mercy Review. Oct 27, 2009. http://themercyreview.weebly.com/the-library-by-phil-christman.html.
“The Enormous St. Blog” (fiction). Annalemma. Sept 23, 2009.  http://annalemma.net/features/the-enormous-st-blog.html.
Untitled review of Gary Lutz’s Stories in the Worst Way. Identity Theory. July 28, 2009. http://www.identitytheory.com/lit/christman_lutz.php.
“The Imagination of Man’s Heart” (review of Roberto Bolano’s 2666). Books & Culture. November 24, 2008. http://www.christianitytoday.com/bc/columns/bookoftheweek/081124b.htm.
Untitled review of Kathleen Ferraro’s Neither Angels Nor Demons and Wally Lamb’s I’ll Fly Away. NWSA Journal 20:2 (2008).
“The Best American Novelist You’ve Never Heard Of” (review of David Rhodes’s Driftless). Books & Culture. Sept 15, 2008. http://www.christianitytoday.com/bc/columns/bookoftheweek/080915a.html.
“A Tabernacle in the Dark” (review of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road). Books & Culture. Sept/Oct 2007.
Untitled review of Gilbert Hernandez’s Sloth. Paste Magazine 23 (August 2006).
“The Go-Betweens: Literate and Long-Running” (feature/interview). Paste Magazine 16 (June/July 2005).
“Standing By Words: African Novels” (books column). Paste Magazine 14 (Feb/March 2005).
“What Do You Mean, ‘Moral’ Fiction?” (review of Martin Amis’s Yellow Dog). Books & Culture. Jan 24, 2005. http://www.christianitytoday.com/bc/columns/bookoftheweek/050124.html.
“Standing By Words: Reconstructing  the Garden” (book column). Paste Magazine 13 (Dec 2004/Jan 2005).
“Getting Lost in Translation” (review of several novels). Paste Magazine 13 (December 2004/Jan 2005).
Untitled review of Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead. Paste Magazine 13 (December 2004/Jan 2005).
Untitled review of Stanley Hauerwas’s Performing the Faith. Paste Magazine 13 (December 2004/Jan 2005).
“Standing By Words: Edward Abbey” (book column). Paste Magazine 12 (Oct/Nov 2004).
Untitled review of David Foster Wallace’s Oblivion. Paste Magazine 12 (Oct/Nov 2004).
Untitled review of James Woods’s The Irresponsible Self (book review). Paste Magazine 12 (Oct/Nov 2004).
“Rilo Kiley: Restless For Adventure” (feature/interview). Paste Magazine 11 (Aug/Sept 2004).
“Standing By Words: John Gardner’s Moral Artistry” (book column). Paste Magazine 11 (Aug/Sept 2004).
“Standing By Words: Wendell Berry’s Unique Vision” (book column). Paste Magazine 10 (June/July 2004).
Untitled review of several Noam Chomsky books. Paste Magazine 10 (June/July 2004).
Untitled review of B.H. Fairchild’s Early Occult Memory Systems of the Upper Midwest. Paste Magazine 9 (April/May 2004).
“The Mekons Return to Punk Rock” (feature/interview). Paste Magazine 8 (Feb/March 2004).
Untitled review of Toni Morrison’s Love. Paste Magazine 7. Nov/Dec 2003.
“Guided By Voices: The Prolific Lo-Fi Masters Slow Down and Tighten Up” (feature/interview). Paste Magazine 7. Nov/Dec 2003.
“Skeptical Resurrection” (review of various adaptations of Stanislaw Lem’s novel Solaris). Books & Culture Feb/March 2003.

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