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A Semblance of All Things & Roustabout * The New Megaphone (print issue 2)
Epidemic & The Tornado, King of Flowers * The Pinch (print issue 34.1)
RETARD * Swine
I Give Myself Pep Talks as Katie Oh & A Lack of an Apologia * Quaint Magazine
Nightmare Boys * Sixth Finch
Get Off Your High Horse and Fight Me Like Androgyne * ILK Journal
Space Density: Montana * Birdfeast
& in Dream & Dear ______, A Bomb is Not a Quick Death * Alice Blue Review
Wake * Sugar House Review (print issue 6)
Listen to Wake at:
Occupation (w/ Iris Craig) * The Dirty Napkin
Numeral Cannibal * Cloud Rodeo
In Which the Snake Regurgitates a Tapir * Petrichor Machine (print issue 2)
* * *
Nice things people have said about me:
Michelle Donahue at Flyaway.
Esther Meroño at Slug Mag.
Michael Alexander Chaney at his blog.

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