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Profile: Rebecca  Tutino

Title: GSI/Sweetland Fellow

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Rebecca is a Sweetland Fellow from the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in the School of Public Health. Her research focuses on relationships between environmental exposures and behavior and mental health, with a current focus on prenatal mercury exposure and attention deficits in adolescents.


N. Basu, R. Tutino, Z. Zhang, D. Cantonwine, J. Goodrich, E. Somers, L. Rodriguez, L. Schnaas,M. Solano, A. Mercado, K. Peterson, B. Sanchez, M. Hernández-Avila, H. Hu, M. Tellez-Rojo. "Mercury Levels in Pregnant Women, Children, and Seafood from Mexico City." Environ Res. Accepted for publication.

Y.H. Lee, O. Mungunsukh, R.L. Tutino, A.P. Marquez, R.M. Day.  "Angiotensin-II-induced apoptosis requires regulation of nucleolin and Bcl-xL by SHP-2 in primary lung endothelial cells." J Cell Sci. May 15, 2010; 123(10): 1634–1643.

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