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Profile: Julian Levinson

Title: Associate Professor
Ph.D., Columbia  2000

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5215 AH







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Research Interests

Primary Interests

Jewish American Literature

Secondary Interests

Modern Jewish Literatures, Translation Theory, Religion and Literature, Postwar American Literature and Culture, American Poetry


Exiles on Main Street: Jewish American Writers and American Literary Culture, Indiana University Press, 2008, Winner of 2008 National Jewish Book Award in American Jewish Studies
“Modernism from Below: Moyshe-Leyb Halpern and the Situation of Yiddish Poetry,” Jewish Social Studies, 10.3. (2004): 143-160.
“The Maimed Body and the Tortured Soul: Holocaust Survivors in American Film,” in The Yale Journal of Criticism, 17.1 (2004): 141-160. 
“Is There a Jewish Text In This Class? Jewish Modernism in the Multicultural Academy,” Michigan Quarterly Review, 42.1. (2003): 195-210.
“Transmitting Yiddishkeit: Irving Howe and Jewish American Literature,” Jewish Culture and History, (vol.2, no.2, Winter 1999): 42-65.
Essays in Collected Volumes
“Connoisseurs of Angst: the Jewish Mystique in  Postwar American Culture,” Philosemitism in History, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press, edited by Jonathan Karp and Adam Sutcliff
“People of the (Secular) Book: Literary Anthologies and the Making of Jewish Identity in Postwar America.” In Religion or Ethnicity? : Jewish Identities in Evolution, edited by Zvi Gitelman. Rutgers University Press, 2009.
“Brooklyn Am Rhein?: German Jewish Thought and the Jewish American Writer,” Jewish Literatures and Cultures: Text and Intertext, edited by Anita Norich and Yaron Eliav, Brown University Press, 2008,
 “Die Juedische Wanderschaft Von Harry Maor,” (“The Jewish Wanderings of Harry Maor”) in Vergegenwaertigungen des Zerstoerten Juedischen Erbes, ed. Wolfdietrich Schmied-Kowarzik, Kassel: Kassel University Press, 2004. 211-216.
Translations (From Yiddish)
“Symposium,” (Symposium) by Rueben Ludwig, Tikkun Magazine, (Vol. 18. No 5. September/October 2003): 59.
“In the Subway,” (In subvey) by Moyshe-Leyb Halpren, Tikkun Magazine, (Vol. 18. No 3. March/April 2003)

“Frankz Kafka: Living with an Inscrutable God.” Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility. September, 2008
“The Passing of Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter.” Pakn Treger, Summer, 2007.
“Walt Whitman in Yiddish,” Tikkun Magazine, (Vol. 18. No 5. September/October 2003): 57-59, 69.
“Moyshe-Leyb Halpern: A Yiddish Modernist Poet in New York,” Tikkun Magazine, (Vol. 18. No 3. March/April 2003): 63-66.


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