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Profile: Susan Najita

Title: Associate Professor
Ph.D., UC-Santa Barbara  2001

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3176 AH







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Research Interests

Primary Interests

Literatures of the Pacific Islands; Asian American Literature; colonial and postcolonial literature and theory; studies of the environment; trauma theory; theories of gender, sexuality, and subjectivity; film theory.

Secondary Interests

20th-century American literature; modernism.


“In the Shade of the Banyan Tree,” in Oceania Fou: A Festschrift for Albert Wendt, Editors Teresia Teaiwa and Selina Tusitala Marsh, Contemporary Pacific, special issue (2010) 22.2.  "Pleasure and Colonial Resistance: Translating the Politics of Pidgin in Milton Murayama's All I Asking for Is My Body," Our Americas: Political and Cultural Imaginings, co-editors Sandhya Shukla and Heidi Tinsman, Radical History Review series and Duke University Press, 2007. Decolonizing Cultures in the Pacific: Reading History and Trauma in Contemporary Fiction, Routledge, 2006. “Traumatic Realism, Genealogy, and Ongoing U.S. Colonialism in Hawai‘i,” special issue on Actually Existing Colonialisms, Journal of Contemporary Thought, edited by Gaurav Desai, 24, Winter 2006. “Family Resemblances and Narrative Fetishism: Critical Cultural Nationalism in The Piano,” ARIEL.32:1, 2001.  Reprinted in Contemporary Literary Criticism, vol. 229, ed. Jeff Hunter, Gale Group, 2007. “History, Trauma, and the Discursive Construction of Race in John Dominis Holt’s Waimea Summer,” Cultural Critique, Winter 2001.
  • Decolonizing Cultures in the Pacific: Reading, History and Drama in Contemporary Fiction

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