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Profile: Catherine Sanok

Title: Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D., UCLA  1999

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3187E AH







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Research Interests

Primary Interests

Medieval literature; women's textual traditions; religious narrative and culture.

Secondary Interests

Medieval historicism and representations of the classical past


Her Life Historical: Exemplarity and Female Saints' Lives in Late Medieval England. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007.
“English Saints in Alabaster and Aureate Verse” forthcoming in Art and Devotion in 
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“Calendar Time in Ballad Form,” forthcoming in Literature and Sanctity. Ed. Anke 
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“Saints’ Lives and the Literary after Arundel,” in After Arundel. Ed. Vincent Gillespie and Kantik Ghosh. Brepols, 2012. 469-86. 

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“Performing Feminine Sanctity in Late Medieval England: Parish Guilds, Saints’ Plays, and the Second Nun’s Tale,” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 32.2 (2002): 269-303.
“Reading Hagiographically: Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women and its Feminine Audience,” Exemplaria 13 (2001): 323-54.
“Criseyde, Cassandre and the Thebaid: Women and the Theban Subtext of Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde,” Studies in the Age of Chaucer 20 (1998): 41-71. 

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